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The Association WORLD ART GAMES (WAG) is a non-profit organization, registered in Croatia, with headquarters in Croatia – Osijek, Županijska 18/II. Copyright, artist Peter Weisz PROJECT IDEAS: To interconnect creative artists from all artistic disciplines on a network, in order … Continue reading

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Message about the census

An Important Message about the Census This month, you will be filling in a census which will ask you, amongst other things, ‘What is your religion?’ (Qn. 20). It is vital that you take this question very seriously, because the … Continue reading

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Love for being self

I’d like to believe that we are by nature social creatures. Anyone who has ever experienced loneliness – and among us hasn’t – will agree with that. We need each other. But as much as we need to be with … Continue reading

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Busting the Debt Crisis Narrative

TUC presentation – BK Did you see Osbourne’s piece in yesterday’s Guardian? If you really want to know the truth about the much vaunted “Deficit” have a look at this power point  

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Passion for Loving

Perhaps it’s time to look again at the ways and power of love. For many, just the thought that love is a real possibility gives hope to what could otherwise be an empty life. What harm can come from mutual … Continue reading

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