“‘I must not communicate with that’ will wind up, sooner or later, in you deciding that you can be hurt. …

“Now, when you ask somebody to handle an airplane, touch it and touch it and touch it and touch it and touch it… you’re actually running out, eventually, his idea that he can be hurt. …

“He’s decided he could be hurt by so many vehicles, and he’s proven it to himself so often, that he eventually becomes, again, superstitious—leaves it all up to chance and says, ‘If I am lucky.’

“You can have luck anytime you want to have luck. Just postulate you’re going to have some luck. Say, ‘Well I haven’t been lucky for a long time, haven’t won any grand prizes or anything; I guess I’ll win some grand prizes.’”




“If your life is not all you want it to be, it may be that you have some forgiving to do.”
An Unknown Author

Your action for today is to see if you are feeling resentment towards someone who you feel has wronged you, and today try to forgive them.

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A Vision for Plentiful Food

The Vision for today was inspired by our friend, Avivit Dimor, who alerted us to the unconscionable situation in the Horn of Africa. Thanks, Av. Here’s our Vision.

We see a world where all people, from the Horn of Africa to inner city America, have access to all the healthy, nutritious food they need for life and its complete enjoyment. We see the happy faces of children whose bellies are full. We see the Spirit of the people revived because we are now making absolutely sure that everyone on this abundant planet has more than enough to eat at all times.

And we see a world where we have truly come together as One for the purpose of growing, providing, and distributing food to every living being in every corner of the globe.




“Do something. If it works, do more of it. If it doesn’t, do something else.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Your action for today is to identify one activity that has produced some good results for you and do more of it this week.

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“Let’s choose imagination over our history.”
An Unknown Author

Your action for today is to imagine what would be possible in your business or in your relationship with a family member if you didn’t have any history there


“I did an interesting experiment here a few days on the subject of luck: could you vary luck? I am sure that we can vary luck these days. I said, ‘You know, I haven’t had any breaks lately. I haven’t had any good breaks.’ We used to talk about ‘breaks’ in the writing business all the time, you know. And I just haven’t had any good breaks lately.

“So I said, ‘Well, that’s just a matter of making up your mind to have some good breaks.’ So I made up my mind to have some good breaks. In the ensuing week I sold a movie and had a heck of a lot of other things happen, all of which were unexpected. Then I forgot about it. But I just made up my mind that I was going to have good luck for a few days—breaks.”






“The best index to a person’s character is how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and how he treats people who can’t fight back.”
Columnist, Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby)

Your action for today is to think of someone whose character you admire.

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A Vision for Sovereignty

We just received another Vision from our inspiring friend, Nancy Ann Di Giorgio. Thank you, Nancy – and, as you suggest, we give thanks in advance for the manifestation of this Vision. Here it is:

I see a world where each human takes back their own sovereignty to truly live in the land of the free because we are brave enough to come home to heart and take back our own power. Thus we are all walking the land anywhere across the world in safety and security because each being has chosen to be free and thus the land is FREE. This is our gift to our children who will then continue to see a future of Peace on Earth and thus continue to create the respect that is Justice for all.

Just as the East Germans did to dismantle their wall – and we are seeing now all over the Middle East as they do the same – the Western countries must do the same. Happiness is an inside job – so is courage. Cour: French for heart.

It’s about finding heart. The heart energy is 5000 times stronger than mind energy. (Heart Math) I see a world where we have all found our heart and the power of it so there are no internal or external land mines anymore. We capitalize on everyone feeling the majesty of this so as to create heaven on earth.

Whoa! This came out as a stream of consciousness…and therefore I send it out to the world and give thanks in advance for its manifestation.

With much love and great respect.,
Nancy, an Evergreen




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A Vision for Happiness

Today’s Vision is short and sweet – but oh-so powerful.
We see a world where everyone is happy and at peace within themselves.
Do you Align with us?

“The real contest is always between what you’ve done and what you are capable of doing. You measure yourself against yourself and nobody else.”
Olympic Swimmer, Geoffrey Gaberino

Your action for today is to identify an area in your life you could step it up a notch.

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“Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction.”
An Unknown Author

Your action for today is to think of one positive thing that happened during a time when you were really struggling in your life.




“The preclear must be able to create problems. He must be able to destroy problems. He must be able to permit problems to survive.

“You take the matter of intelligence, for instance. An individual must be able to handle intelligence on the level of stupidity and tolerate it. An auditor who goes around going slowly mad simply because the preclear is ‘so stupid’ is himself too intolerant of stupidity.

“Well, intelligence could be said to be the name of the level on which these three things exist. The smartness of the individual is his ability, not really to just solve problems, but to pose and resolve problems. …

“That is to say, create and destroy problems, isn’t it? Well, there is another element right between the two. He must also be willing to let a problem remain. What problem can he walk off and leave? …

“The situation, then, is a freedom of choice and there are three elements in a freedom of choice. And one is the freedom to create it, the freedom to let it persist and the freedom to destroy it.


“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”
Author, Gerard Ways

Your action for today is to see if you can go through your whole day choosing to be happy.

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