“One is alive to the degree that individuals have granted him beingness, and that he has granted others beingness. He is alive as a group to that degree. But he is reallyas alive as he himself is perfectly willing to grant beingness, can grant beingness and is willing to have others grant beingness. …

“The main beingness that bites him is that which he granted, but that’s no reason not to grant beingness. So? That merely makes it so that one has a lot of drama. There’s no drama like the drama you get into, having granted beingness to something which then bites back.

“One cannot become able in life by fearing to live it. Never. And he can’t be himself without being willing to grant beingness, because he’s the only one that can grant beingness to himself.”










“Is the glass half full or half empty? It depends on whether you are pouring or drinking.”
Unknown Author

Your action for today is to think of an argument or disagreement you recently had. See if you can learn something by looking at it from their perspective.

Have an extraordinary day!

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Source: Job: Vice President, Ethics & Compliance – The FCPA Blog – The FCPA Blog

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Source: Compliance pros are rock stars, yes they are – The FCPA Blog – The FCPA Blog

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A Vision for Heroes

We see a world where our heroes and heroines are everywhere; where they are everyday people who are kind and caring for one another; where they are honored, celebrated, and chosen to positions of leadership because they are gentle, helpful, resourceful, caring, kind, and forgiving.


We see our heroes and heroines in the movies being the ones who have put away their weapons and set examples for our youth by being compassionate, courageous, and creative; where our inventors and artists are using their talents to help bring humanity into its highest calling; where our spiritual leaders are enlightened, awakened, and truly lined up with the Highest Good.


And we envision all people, everywhere, seeing themselves as a hero or heroine to their family and friends because they show up, make themselves available, and help others whenever and wherever they are needed.
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Source: Barbara Brooks Kimmel: A big thanks to our TAP translators – The FCPA Blog – The FCPA Blog

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Source: New leak details Mossack Fonseca meltdown – The FCPA Blog – The FCPA Blog

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“His greatest surge forward will be when you rehabilitate him artistically by taking out of him all of his uncertainty about his own beauty and the beauty of his own work.

“In other words, when you take art criticism out of him. And when you remove artistic criticism out of him, he will rather definitely change. …

“If you rehabilitate his artistic, creative ability, he’s doing the finest thing that he does on the track and he gets very, very interested. If you were to do this possibly with only a few dozen people, you would have a renaissance on Earth.”









“If you advance confidently in the direction of your own dreams and endeavor to live the life that you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
Author and Philosopher, Henry Thoreau

Your action for today is to set aside some time to review your dreams.

Have an extraordinary day!

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