“You’ve got to ask. Asking is in my opinion, the world’s most powerful and neglected secret to success and happiness.”
Self-made Multimillionaire and Philanthropist, Percy Ross

Your action for today is to ask several people for exactly what you want.











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Source: Jessica Tillipman: Enough with your ‘this is how we have always done it’ spiel – The FCPA Blog – The FCPA Blog

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Source: London banker jailed for taking bribes from U.S. consultant – The FCPA Blog – The FCPA Blog

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A Vision for Love Overflowing

Here is another wonderful Vision from Carol Peacock, our friend at Sweetbriars Retreat Center in Springfield, Missouri. Carol says:

We envision a world where love is the answer to all questions.  Now that each and every one of us know in our hearts that love is the feeling that supports the highest good of all mankind, we allow ourselves to give it without hesitation.  We see that when we give love we trust and respect everyone, we are unselfish in our desires, we treat everyone as we wish to be treated, and we speak and act with gentle hearts.

Because we understand how important love is we always consider the feelings of others by being aware of the impact of our actions and words.  No one is lonely in this world because we all freely express our love and gratitude to each other for our co-existence on this planet.  We love each other, we love the animals, we love the plant life, and we love God.  No one is jealous of another as they are overflowing with the love that is sent to them each moment of their lives.

There is nothing that we cannot handle now that we are sure that we are supported by the love of the Universe and all of Its inhabitants. Now that we know that all beings are motivated by loving kindness we feel safe, secure and peaceful in each other’s company.  Our love which is for the highest good of mankind knows no boundaries and everyone is aware of that.

There are no questions, no doubts, no fears, only LOVE and ONENESS.

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Source: OFAC issues new FAQs for Cuba sanctions – The FCPA Blog – The FCPA Blog

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“This universe specializes in data. We’re not interested as much in data as we’re interested in results, because a collection of data is only an examination of the past and we’re interested in predicting a future.

“And if we’re interested in predicting a future, then it’s obvious that the best way to predict the future is to make it. That sounds highly adventurous, but let me assure you that the only time in the past when you’ve ever thought hard is when you didn’t have or thought you didn’t have enough force, enough energy, enough MEST or enough ability or skill to overcome the opposition with which you believed yourself to be faced and you started to think.”










“It is always too soon to quit.”
Author, Norman Vincent Peale

Your action for today is to see if there is something you are considering quitting and put in double the effort instead.

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