A Vision for Harvesting

We envision a world where nothing is taken before its time; where every fruit from every tree is allowed to stay on the branch until the exact moment when it is ready to let go; where every vegetable is allowed to stay on the vine until it has completely finished its process. We see a world where we are taught from the time we are young children to approach the plants with love and to let them drop their beautiful, sweet, nourishing fruits into our hands at the slightest touch from us.

We picture a world where we know – indeed, we see – the life-force energy / chi / prana that is in the plants, and, when we eat, we feel that life-force energy being transferred to us to the fullest extent possible because we waited until the plant is ready to give it to us.

In the same way, we see humanity having awakened to treating ourselves and the animals in the same way that we treat the fruits from the plants; where no one is taken before their time; where the life of every man, woman, child, and animal is allowed to go full term. We envision a world where all wars, killings, executions, and inhumane acts are seen now as an intrusion upon another’s path; where the sending of our innocent children – our most prized possessions – off to fight and die in war is now viewed by every thinking person as a perverse form of pedophilia, as a form of premature harvesting of their life-force energy by those who live in the shadows of our world.

Indeed, we see us living in a world where every person’s life is precious to everyone else; where we truly do unto others as we’d want done to ourselves; and where all who live and breathe upon this planet can go to sleep at night knowing, in their heart of hearts, that they will get to live out their lives, fully and freely, to the very last instant, and then to be picked, sweetly and oh-so-gently, by the loving hand of God.




“Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best. Strive for excellence, not perfection.”
Musician, Jackson Brown

Your action for today is to take an area in your personal life where you could be happier. Ask yourself if you are doing the best you can. If you are, don’t focus on the results. Keep putting forth your best effort. If you’re not, find ways to apply yourself more.

Have an extraordinary day!

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“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”
Hall of Fame Baseball Player, Yogi Berra

Your action for today is to make a decision you have been putting off.


“Being considerate of others will take you further in life than a college degree.”
Author, Marian Wright Edelman

Your action for today is to focus on driving your vehicle in a very considerate manner.

Have an extraordinary day!

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A Vision for the Great Beings of Nature

We see a world where everyone knows that the Great Beings of Nature are alive and willing to partner with us to create a comfortable environment for us to live in; where the clouds are known as Great Beings of the sky who will shade us as we ask and who are to be befriended for the benefit of all; where the rains are known as Great Beings of the water who will advance or recede at our request; where the winds are known as Great Beings of the air, alive and empowered, who will gust or slow to a gentle breeze when we call in the name of Great Spirit.

We see the Sun, now known to all and everyone, as a Living Being who is the Light and the Way; who is always there for us; who never needs worshipped but who will reveal Its Great Love to all who approach with innocence and a gentleness of heart. For, indeed, as we hold our attention on the Great Being who is the Sun in the moments just before dusk or after the dawn, we recharge ourselves with light and love. And as we hold our inner attention on the Great Being who is the Sun in our quiet, meditative, prayerful time, we become a Sun unto ourselves.


“A man without knowledge of himself and his heritage is like a tree without roots.”
Comedian and Activist, Dick Gregory

Your action for today is to think about something about your grandparents’ life that has had an impact in your life.

Have an extraordinary day!

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When was the last time you heard the expression, “Don’t worry about it”? Maybe someone said it to you or maybe you used it yourself! Worrying is one of those states or pastimes that all of us experience at one point or another. However, some of us seem to be more prone to it than others. I have been thinking about the act of worrying recently, after a conversation with a friend who was worried that her mother was worried about something! Most of us have enough stress in our lives already without bringing worry into the mix, but that may be easier said than done!

Worrying is actually a habit. And it’s interesting that most of the things we worry about have either already happened, thus we no longer have control over them, or they haven’t happened yet and are mere possibilities in the future. But why do we worry in the first place … and what do we worry about? There are no clear answers to those questions as our individual worries may vary from one person to the next. Nevertheless there are some similarities. Let’s look at the breakdown of a study on worry carried out by the late Scottish author and physician A. J. Cronin on his own patients:

Worrying about things that won’t happen: 40%

Worrying about things in the past that can’t be changed: 30%

Health worries: 12%

Miscellaneous, petty worries: 10%

Real, legitimate worries: 8%

It is normal, even encouraged, to be concerned by a problem or situation, and then to actually take steps to deal with or confront it. But the level of futility involved in the worrying of Cronin’s patients is surprising and almost shocking. Consider the first two points: nothing could actually be done to resolve or even appease the worrying 70% of the time! Worrying can actually have a strong affect over us, causing us significant uneasiness or anguish. And when worrying becomes too pronounced or causes us to suffer significant grief, it can result in “burnout” and other stress-related illnesses.

So, how do we get our worrying under control, and better yet, what can be done to stop or abate it in the first place? If you are struggling with certain worries, here are my suggestions. First, take a minute to consider the source behind your worries. Is it something that has actually happened or will happen, or is it simply a “what if” situation? If your concern is real, then evaluate the situation, make a plan and take action. And in the process, I suggest sharing those worries with a friend or loved one to alleviate bearing all of the burden on your own. However, if the issue at hand is simply a “what if” situation, think of three or more positive possibilities rather than imagining worst-case scenarios. After all, positive possibilities are just as likely to happen as negative scenarios! And the former is certainly more agreeable.



“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.”
Actress, Mary Tyler Moore

Your action for today is to take a chance and call someone you’ve been avoiding calling.

Have an extraordinary day!

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Each of us is good at something and has a “knack” for a particular talent or skill. The first step is to identify your special gift and then begin sharing it! If you eventually decide to develop your special talent and turn it into a skill, your gift could take you places that you’ve never dreamed of, all while providing you with enormous joy and fulfilment in the process.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s essential to begin this exercise in steps by first thinking about your natural talents and abilities, along with ways that you could use them to fulfil your dreams. For example, some of us have people skills, and that particular talent can be directed in a variety of directions. It could lead us to start our own business, or become a salesperson, personal trainer or even a coach. Someone else might like sharing their field of knowledge with others, which could lead to tutoring, teaching or directing others in that particular field.

Whatever your talents or abilities may be, you also have to nurture them. In that way, they will serve you well and help you to realise your dreams. But more importantly, they will empower you and give you a sense of self-fulfilment that nothing can take away from you. I want to share the example of my friend Kate who loves baking, particularly cheesecakes. As one who has experienced her culinary skills, I can attest firsthand to her talent. Her dream has long been to make a living baking, which is the thing she loves. Last spring, I suggested that she write down her dream on paper and develop a plan for realising it. A couple of months later, I received an excited call from her. “I’m starting to live my dream! I’m making money selling my cheesecakes to a local store and restaurant, and am also getting private orders. I’m not ready to quit my day job yet,” she added, “but am starting to think about my next step!” I was thrilled to hear her news of course!

So, if you would like the thrill of living your own dream, the first thing to do is take stock of your abilities, talents and interests. Make a list of the things you love doing. Next, think about how doing the activities on your list could help you realise your dreams. This exercise will take some thought, but it is well worth the effort. Just remember, that whatever direction you decide to take, you need to enjoy what you are doing! This is certainly an endeavour worth spending time on and I can assure you that you will never feel more empowered or better about yourself!

I hope I have inspired you to give this time to yourself.


“It is better to try big things, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor souls who neither enjoy much nor suffer much.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Your action for today is to think of something big that you’ve been putting off for fear of failing and take one step toward achieving it.

Have an extraordinary day!

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You are already present prior to concepts.

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Regarding Nonduality…

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