A Vision for Military Transformation

The Vision for today comes to us from Terri Zacanti from Costa Rica. Thanks so much for this one, Terri.
I see a world where all Military Installations and Personnel worldwide are refitted and retrained to become centers for the development and manufacture of Free, Alternative, Clean Energy Technologies. Wind, Solar, etc… I see all the worlds weapons being recycled into these systems that now benefit the earth and her people.

A volunteer army training program would include the installation and maintenance of these systems in all public locations. There would also be the development of efficient smaller systems for home and private small business usage. There will be teams of instructors to educate the public about the simple maintenance of these systems which will be installed free of cost.

This new volunteer green army will be supported by tax dollars coming from the new 1% tax system which funds only projects that serve the people and the planets highest good. Part of this Green Army Training Program will include morning Yoga programs, meditation, vision circles and an organic vegetarian diet. These soldiers of sustainability will receive fair and generous compensation for their services. All will wish to be a part of this amazing program which will empower people and change the face of the planet. Lets take a moment each day and imagine this.
Terri Zacanti, Farmer/Re-forester Montezuma, Costa Rica



“Slow and fast, like bad and good, are matters of consideration. That’s all they are, they’re just matters of consideration. A few years ago, somebody going down the road at twenty miles an hour in an automobile was considered a speed demon and was liable to arrest. Nowadays he gets cursed if he isn’t going fifty. …

“It’s quite amazing to some people in this universe to have some thetan figure something out, spend a long time doing it according to him, you see, test it in numerous ways and then give him the data, because in MEST universe time, a second elapsed.

“And yet the thetan went off and wandered around and thought about it and leaned against the molding and the Sun and did a terrific number of things, merely because he was flying free from the co-action of particles. So therefore, time was to him meaningless. He made his own timespan. He merely said, ‘Now, I’m going to take a long time,’ did, and came back a second later.”







“The greatest wealth is health.”
Ancient Roman Poet, Virgil

Your action for today is to think of one thing you can do to improve your health and start doing it.

Have an extraordinary day!

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