A Vision for Wellness

We see a world where wellness is the watchword of the day; where humanity has realised, oh-so-clearly, that we are wise to hold a vision of ourselves and others in the highest light – happy, healthy, vibrant, joyous, creative, and living our calling to the fullest.

We see a world where supporting sickness in others, having a vested interest in illnesses of any kind, naming, creating, advertising, and reinforcing diseases, being sympathetic instead of empathetic, being dependent on big pharmaceutical companies who have profit as their first priority, believing things are contagious, experimenting with vaccines, and so forth have gone by the wayside because we have begun to use light, to bring Spirit/Source into the picture, and to use positive envisioning and love to heal one another.

Can you imagine a world like this? It is a world where we are all living in peak health because that is all we are putting our attention on.


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I know we’re in the midst of the holiday season, but I want you to start thinking about 2020, which is only weeks away, I want to add! My intention is to simply plant a seed in the hopes of jump-starting your thinking about this new cycle you’ll soon be undertaking. I want you to be prepared for this shift! New beginnings are exciting, and all the more this year as I have this feeling that you (someone who deserves every happiness) are going to find yourself on the road to success!

First, my hope is that you can be cognisant of the positive energy surrounding you now as opposed to just thinking about a time in your future. While you might only be able to catch glimpses of it at the moment, just know that it is there supporting you. And I can assure you that it will grow stronger and stronger as we focus on it in our work together.

I want you to embrace this thought: Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Let’s just think about that idea for a moment. We’re taught that getting the desired job, relationship, house, or some other goal will make us happy. However, that is not always the case! Surprisingly, once a dream is achieved, the happiness we so longed for becomes fleeting at best, and then we can find ourselves thinking, “Is that it?” This type of thinking doesn’t do us any good! How many times have we read stories about the rich and famous, people who have money galore and every material desire, but are still lacking in happiness.

My answer to this predicament is to refrain from focusing solely on that dangling carrot or heartfelt desire that drives us, and put our attention instead on the journey or process of trying to obtain our desired goal.

If you are able to do this, you are saying “Yes!” to the happiness that is present in your life now, rather than pining for some period in the near or far future when you ideally will have achieved that desired goal. By focusing on the here and now, you are expanding the positive energy around you and, like a magnet, will begin attracting people, situations and even material wealth right to your side.

When you have a happy and positive frame of mind, you set in motion opportunities that will enable you to achieve the things you want most of all. This is my goal for you in the New Year!ew Year Goal




“To do just the opposite is also a form of imitation.”
Author, Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Your action for today is to see if you are doing something the opposite way from someone in your family. See if the results are working in your favor.

Have an extraordinary day!

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Why not “light up” your life this holiday season? It’s a good way to banish the holiday blues that can creep in during this festive period. Actually, that blue mood or malaise has a lot to do with the shortened hours of daylight that are especially prominent in the Northern Hemisphere during the late fall and early winter months. There is actually a technical name for this condition, which you may have heard of…. It’s called SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The farther north you live from the equator, the shorter your day will be during the colder months, and you have to adjust to these seasonal changes. I recently read an article about how SAD is being tackled in Sweden where daylight can actually be limited to about four hours a day! To counter this decrease in sunlight, a café has opened in Stockholm that provides special lighting in its interior in addition to its comfort food and/or hot drinks. The interior is completely white and offers a high-intensity light that reflects off the walls in all directions. As a result, this controlled environment provides some of the much-needed light that Mother Nature doesn’t this time of year.

Now, most of us don’t have access to such a place, but there are things we can do to keep the blues at bay. Our bodies’ biological rhythms are meant to take in the sun in the morning, so when it’s still dark when we get up, it has a disorienting effect. A good trick to try is to get some high-intensity light bulbs and turn them on about a half hour after sunrise. It also helps to get in the habit of going outside in the light as soon as the sun rises to make the most of the daylight we have. This action helps to “tune” our biorhythms. We also want to make sure to stay warm and cosy, and get plenty of sleep. There is a reason that some mammals hibernate during this time of year.

By getting plenty of rest and seeking out additional light, you’ll be in sync and ready to celebrate the holiday season. After all, whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or even the Winter Solstice, these holidays, together with the season, are all about light, hope and renewal.


“A cheerful giver does not count the cost of what he gives. His heart is set on pleasing and cheering him to whom the gift is given.”
14th Century Mystic, Julian of Norwich

Your action for today is to give a small gift to someone and notice how you feel afterwards.

Have an extraordinary day!

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A Vision for Our Ancestors

We see a world where we all understand the immense difference between our lifetime and our existence; where we know that we live in eternity, and that when we leave our bodies, we persist nonetheless.

Accordingly, we envision a world where all peoples everywhere are consulting those who have been here before us; where the dimensional barriers have been breached, the limited mindsets transmuted and transformed to where we are all able to communicate with our loved ones who are out-of-body, and where this is a common, everyday occurrence.

And we see a world where the legacy that our ancestors left us is honoured, where we acknowledge the good works they did in preparing this world for our arrival, and where the love they felt as they made things ready for us is felt as strong today as it was felt back then when they walked the land.



“You have the power to heal your life. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds.”
Writer, Louise Hay

Your action for today is to reframe or turn one of your negative thoughts into a positive one.

Have an extraordinary day!

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“Here are the two best prayers I know: ‘Help me, help me, help me’ and ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.'”
Political Activist and Author, Anne Lamott

Your action for today is to thank three people who have helped you.


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A Vision for our Interconnectedness

Here is one of Richard’s favorite Visions.

I see a world where every human being understands the interconnectedness of life and acknowledges that whatever they think, speak and do has an effect on all of life. I see this world as one in which we totally understand that we are all spiritual beings because of our direct relationship with the source of all existence, the source we often call God.

Because of this knowledge that everything in existence is made up of this one source we realize that we are part of the source energy that pervades all of life and therefore everything that we experience is a direct result of the life energy of the source moving through us. This awareness allows us to easily see that the best way we can ever serve ourselves at the highest of levels is to serve all others at the highest of levels.

Living with the Interconnectedness of Life allows each of us to take total responsibility for our lives instead of taking on the role of a victim. This understanding of the cause and effect relationship in life means that we will never again place blame and judgment because we know that we are the source of our happiness and therefore happily move through our days in awareness of our ability to affect all of life in the most positive of ways.

“Prayer is less about changing the world than it is about changing ourselves.”
Rabbi, David Wolpe

Your action for today is to spend five minutes in solitude and either pray, meditate or think about what you can change about yourself.

Have an extraordinary day!

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A Vision for the Positive Side

We see a world where positive thinking and speaking are the norm; where we all understand that our thoughts have a direct effect on our experiences, and, as a result, when one of us is saying something that we wouldn’t really want to manifest, something that obviously doesn’t serve us or anybody else, that we are “gently nudged” by our friends and neighbours to take a closer look at what we are creating with our everyday thoughts and words. Then, since we know that this “gentle nudging” is meant in the spirit of helpfulness and good intent, we stop for a moment, just long enough to reevaluate our thinking, and turn our thoughts around to the positive.

We see everyone gently keeping everyone else awake and aware of what we are creating with the amazing tool that we call our imagination – and that we are putting our imagination to its highest and best use for the benefit of ourselves, the Earth, all her people, and all beings everywhere.









“An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything.”
Cartoonist, Lynn Johnston

Your action for today is to see if you owe an apology to someone. If you do, offer it.

Have an extraordinary day!

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