“Argue for your limitations and sure enough they’re yours.”
Author, Richard Bach

Your action for today is to question one of the limitations you think you have.

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A Vision for History

We see a world where our true history has been revealed to all; where people everywhere have realized that we have been living within a historical containment which has kept us closed off from the rest of the cosmos; and where we now have access to the actual events that occurred prior to the “quarantine” which led to our narrow view of the past.

Consequently, we now have an accurate account of “The Bigger Picture”, a picture that includes humanity’s true place in the Universe and the true part we play in a history that encompasses all of time and space, not just the last 6000 years, and not just upon this Earth. This revealed, true history of humanity shows us – from a planetary perspective, from a galactic perspective, from a Universal perspective, and from a multidimensional perspective – how we got here, who has helped us, who has harmed us, and all the scenarios we have chosen to be a part of.

Now, with this new information available, we have easily lifted ourselves up and out of our limited, historical prison, joined with our fellow space and time travelers, and stepped into our highest calling.

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A Vision for Friendship

We envision a world where our first inclination, upon meeting someone new, is to open ourselves up to being friends with them. We see a world where this is made possible because we have learned to truly care for one another; where we give each other the benefit of the doubt because we are no longer harming one another; and where we have all realized that our highest and best interests and our friend’s highest and best interests are one and the same.

In this way, friendships abound in our lives. No one is lonely unless he or she chooses it; and no one is left to fend for themself because now all of us have plenty of friends we can call on whenever we want.

As a result of our many friendships, we have entirely stopped separating ourselves from each other and have begun to come together in larger circles and communities. Indeed, our coming together and our community-making are keys to all that we seek, for they have provided us with peace in our hearts and as well as peace in our world.

And all this has happened because we started out by making friends.



“He who receives a gift doesn’t measure it.”
African Proverb

Your action for today is to spend a few minutes reflecting on some of the gifts you have in your life.

Have an extraordinary day!

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“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
Best Selling Author, Robert Collier

Your action for today is to make a commitment to write a thank you note per day for the next week.


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A Vision for Living by Manifesting

We see a world where all our insecurity is gone, where we have learned to trust, 100%, that whatever we need is there for us whenever we need it, and if it isn’t there it’s because we don’t really need it or it isn’t in the Highest Good for us to have it at this particular time. In this way, all greed has vanished from our world, and no one is hoarding more than what they need for themself – and, likewise, no one is coveting the possessions of others or scheming to take away what others have in order to satisfy their own insecurities.

Now we live in a world where our creativity is honoured; where our inventiveness is rewarded; and where we have learned that when we call forth the Highest Good we can manifest anything we need for ourselves in the moment we need it.

Moreover, we are now living in a world where our peace of mind has returned because we are creating the world around us and fulfilling our needs moment by moment by moment. In doing so, we have stepped into our rightful place in the Universe as conscious co-creators, able to manifest anything we choose at will. Indeed, we have reclaimed our birthright because we are doing what we came here to do.



“Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill your enemies.”
Nobel Prize Winner, Nelson Mandela

Your action for today is to see if you harbor animosity towards someone and see what it would take to let go of it.

Have an extraordinary day!

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“Kindness causes us to learn, and to forget, many things.”
18th Century Writer, Madame Swetchine

Your action for today is to show some kindness for a loved one.

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“Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you, but not in the one ahead.”
Poet and Author, Bill McGlashen

Your action for today is to drive the speed limit and notice how it feels to do so.





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