The Association WORLD ART GAMES (WAG) is a non-profit organization, registered in Croatia, with headquarters in Croatia – Osijek, Županijska 18/II.

Copyright, artist Peter Weisz


To interconnect creative artists from all artistic disciplines on a network, in order to  organize the art competition every two years in Croatia. The event will be permanent and would traditionally be held in the partner cities of WAG Association.


To build a worldwide network of National Committee of WAG (NC), whose chairman and members are renowned artists in various artistic (creative) disciplines, or VIP persons.
Minimum number of the NC members is 5 artists.

• The NC Network will globally promote the culture. Through its activity every two years in the partner cities of the WAG the competing event will be prepared. The national culture and creativity teams compete simultaneously in the same area and through friendly relations and presentation of their traditions and cultural heritage – the idea of peace and tolerance will be developed – which historically has always been the idea of Olympism.
• All States can participate on the WAG regardless of race, religion, or political commitment.






  1. Regulates the complete project and is responsible for its implementation.
  2. Coordinates the work of the National Committees.
  3. Appoints presidents of the National Committees.
  4. Appoints board members of the partner cities.
  5. Confirms the artist proposed by the National Committees.
  6. Between two WAG organizes international cultural events, exchange, shows, concerts, exhibitions, etc.
  7. Regulates finance and accounting.
  8. Represents and promote the idea of the project to international media.
  9. Appoints the service (such as translation, legal, marketing), and hires volunteers.
  10. Sign agreements and contracts with the cities-partners and sponsors.
  11. Accepts donations.
  12. Will manage the Museum of Culture Olympics, whose holdings will be filled by donations of works of art.
  13. Conclude all relevant agreements with all relevant institutions in the country.
  14. Commends and rewards responsible for the development of the project.
  15. Brings disciplinary measures and has the right to cancel the function of members whose work and commitment is not satisfying.



  1. NC`s president is appointed by the General office. President invites his associates on the Committee. Number of NC members is a minimum of 5 persons – Artists from different Art disciplines.
  2. NC members must be regular members of WAG and commit themselves to pay a yearly fee of 30 EUR to the Head Office, till 30.06. –  for current year.
  3. Upon the instructions of the General office, National Committee should register, create a seal, and open a bank account.
  4. National Committees select and invites artists from their countries to participate in the Games, according to the rules which determine the General office.
  5. National Committees collaborate with their governments, relevant ministries and the Embassy of their republic in Croatia. From them they are seeking funds for their work, covering 75% of the cost of accommodation and food for their participants in the Games, and full travel costs.
  6. They can seek funds from various sponsors in their own country. Then, 60% of funds obtained that way remains in NC, and 40% is paid to the General office. This is because WAG brand is used in commercial purposes.
  7. National Committees appoint, in each discipline in which they will participate, a member of the jury who will evaluate the success of artistic creations.
  8. NC lobbying and promote the idea of the project to the media in their country.
  9. All members of the NC or artists they propose upon the request from the General office will perform without fee at various art events (advertising the project), if they agree so.
  10. NC proposes particularly meritorious for the implementation of the project to the General Office for praise or rewards.
  11. President of NC is obliged – until March 31th to send report for previous year, to the main office about the work done by the NC (cultural activities, media coverage, the annual financial report).

At the invitation of the Organization should submit reports more frequently – if it is necessary.

  1. The cancellation deadline for the President of NC is 30 days. The President may propose his successor.



  1. Members of City committees are appointed by the General office.
  2. City Committee is consisted from minimum 3 members.
  3. Members of City committees must be regular members of the Association and they are obligated to pay the annual fee.
  4. City committees collaborate with city and regional institutions in terms of organizing some art events in their communities.
  5. Initiate a variety of art events in their communities, and the duty of the General office is to support them through its network.
  6. Lobby and promote the idea of the project, and seek new members and sympathizers.
  7. In their communities seek sponsors for the project. Of the funds collected that way, 30% will be paid to the member of the City committee, who found the sponsor.
  8. Inform local media about any significant events that the Association organizes in the country or abroad.



  1. Signs an agreement with the General office which is binding to make available the city’s capacity for progress of cultural events without a fee – during the Games and the preparatory period.
  2. In the preparatory period before the Games, the organizer offer to the Partner cities a variety of cultural events, without payment of fees for the performers. Cities cover only the cost of overnight stays and meals for participants. Only in exceptional cases, they cover travel expenses.
  3. Cities are not obligated to accept offered cultural event.
  4. Cities that accept a partnership with the WAG are obliged to pay to the General office monthly sum, depending on the size of the city and its capabilities. It will be regulated by the agreement.
  5. Games will take place in the same cities every 2 years and will grow in the traditional event.






  • General office of the WAG consists of the president, vice-presidents, director, secretary and the steering committee. General office coordinates the work of the entire network.
  • Author of the project and president of WAG nominate presidents of National Committees of WAG (NC), who selects and invites associates, or members of the NC’s.
  • Members of the National Committees may choose whether to compete at the Games in their  discipline, or be a member of the international judging committee (jury).
  • The Games will take at least 8 and maximum 15 days, including opening and closing ceremony with the award of medals (depending on the number of participating countries and the number of competing events).
  • National Committees will cover 100% of the cost of arrival and departure at the Games.
  • National Committees will cover 75% of the cost of accommodation and meals during the duration of the Games for their teams, while the remaining 25% will be covered by the organizer in cooperation with local and State institutions.
  • To cover their expenses, National Committees are asking for financial help from their national institutions (government, ministries, the Embassy of their country in Croatia). These funds are used entirely for the purposes of NC.
  • To cover the expenses of their committee, National Committees seek assistance from donors and sponsors. From the resulting funds 40% will be paid to the Head office, due to the financial benefits realized through the brand of WORLD ART GAMES.
  • In accordance with the financial means they ensure in their own country, the Commitee will choose the number of participants (competitors) from their country, as well as the discipline in which they compete.
  • National Committees invites artists to participate in the Games. They can start instantly.
  • After accepting the invited participation of individual artists, NC must obtain a certificate of participation from the General office, in order to update stuffing competition categories. It is necessary for planning the event (to fill the categories, and number of persons related to select the location in Croatia-related to accommodation facilities, the existing cultural institutions, etc.).
  • Obligation for cities-partners in the project – payment to the General office per month, depending on the size of the city.
  • Deadline for NCs formal registration (stamp and account) – according to Agreement beetwen WAG Head office and NC president.
  • June 30st  deadline for Boards to pay membership fee for current year (30 EUR) for every Board-member, to Head office.

New members the fee for a current year have to pay within 60 days.

  • NOTIFICATION about Artists-participants on WAG have to be sent immidiately after the participant is selected
  • 31.05.2012. deadline for LAST NOTIFICATION about participants (than will be made program by the cities)
  • 30.06.2012. deadline for payment participations (for Artists on WAG) – will be used for hotel reservations and other last preparations
  • Participating Countries on the Games are required 3 months prior to arrival to pay to the General office the full amount of accommodation and meals, and registration fees for the Olympics (75%) for all artists and members of the jury.
  • If necessary, even before the Games, National Committees may organize the presentation of culture from their country in Croatia with no more than 7 artists (painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, small theaters, etc.) that the General Office will conduct trough our partner cities. In this case the National Committee cover travel expenses till Croatia and back – all other expenses are covered by the General Office. Such performances can be up to 5 nights in Croatia.
  • After the Games, winning performance in selected categories, can be arranged in some countries. Terms and conditions of this agreement will be arranged between the General office, NC (if exists in that country), and interested cities and institutions.





The maximum possible number of participants by country at the first World Art Games in all categories:


3 painters with 2 images  – oil on canvas
3 painters with 2 watercolors
3 painters with 2 graphics
1 artist – performer
2 artists with 2 posters

SCULPTURE – sculpture 70 cm maximum size:
3 sculptors – sculpture in wood
3 sculptors – sculpture in stone
3 sculptors –  sculpture made of plastic or other material
3 sculptors with 3 copies of medals

3 photographers with 5 photos in black and white
3 photographers with 5 photos in color

1 film
2 documentaries, duration up to 15 minutes
2 animated films, duration up to 5 minutes

2 music videos, duration up to 4 minutes
2 commercials, duration up to 1 minute

2 plays with the maximum of 7 actors per play
3 pantomime
3 actors – stand up comedy

3 artists – up to 5 ceramic exhibits

3 souvenirs from the participating country

2 groups – modern ballet, up to 7 dancers

2 groups – classical ballet, up to 7 dancers
3 dancing pairs – social dances

Up to 2 jazz composition by country – up to 6 members with the singer
Solo opera (classical) singing – up to 3 singers from 1 country
Piano – up to 3 performers from 1 country
Violin – up to 3 performers from 1 country

Cello – up to 3 performers from 1 country

Accordion – up to 3 performers from 1 country
Ethnic music – up to 2 groups of performers, up to 5 members
Pop-music – up to 3 performers from 1 country

3 haute couture fashion designers from 1 country
3 fashion designers,  casual or sports mode from 1 country
3 designers of art jewelry





3 poets from 1 country
3 authors from 1 country
1 chef and 2 assistants from 1 country

Cooking skills will be presented in the city where their compatriot competitors will be most numerous.




The funds that the Association accomplishes by its work, receives from donors, foundations and sponsors are intended as follows:
– to the work of the General Office and the NC in the preparation of the next Olympics.
– Part of the funds will be donated for the construction of buildings used for artistic purpose.
– Part of the funds are intended for young talented artists in the form of scholarships.


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    Our company gives 10% of its income to Plan Canada and it is offering Free positions for a limited to individuals, companies charity’s etc period by locking in your position it could be a source of considerable sums for your charity.
    All is explained in my website email me with any questions.

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    Sorry about the mistake getting careless in my old age
    (should read) limited period to individuals, companies charity’s etc period

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    Hi, how can i get involved. We are dancers, poets, first people of australia? I love it.

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