Passion for Loving

Perhaps it’s time to look again at the ways and power of love. For many, just the thought that love is a real possibility gives hope to what could otherwise be an empty life. What harm can come from mutual respect, gentleness, goodness, trust and peaceful coexistence? Think about it. Only love has the power to unite without taking away another’s dignity, another’s self. Only love holds no jealous possession over people and nations. Only love is capable of putting humanity before ideology or race. Only love can supply the endless energies required to overcome hunger and despair. “Love one another”. These words were spoken more than two thousand years ago. Powerful though this command is, many of us have succeeded in ignoring it for these many years. We all give lip service to it but few of us expect anyone to really practice it. We leave that to madmen and saints. In fact, we have become suspicious of lovers and either dismiss them as naive and irrelevant, or we see them as phonies. We are certain that no one could really care about anyone else without having some ulterior motive. The qualities of love such as tenderness, commitment, concern, generosity, and trust are relegated to the realm of platitudes and are ignored. Today the phrase “lone one another” takes on a more urgent tone. It seems to me that we must love one another or die. Modern society shrugs off still another plea for love. It is amused by the suggestion that the world could be cemented together, not by the threat of holocaust or an arm race, but through a deep respect for life. No one will deny that we have reached a critical point in our history. In fact, there are growing numbers of fatalists who believe we have reached a point of no return. One thing is painfully obvious. Conventional methods to bring peace and understanding to our world have failed. The more we look about us, the more we find hate, violence, prejudice and disregard for human life, more than one hundred million people were killed just alone in the 20th century alone, this doesn’t include the people who died in natural disasters. We listen to newscasters and read columnists who deal out statistics about war dead, starvation, children being abused and sacrificed, disregard for human dignity and human rights. And all with about as much feeling as report of the day’s football scores. We have become conditioned to a whole spectrum of wasted human potential. still, we continue to ignore love as possible alternative. A friend of mine was telling me a story that happened during one of his trip to the old Soviet Union, he met a man in Moscow that said to him,”Why do you want to kill us?” he tried to make him understand that he wanted to kill no one, that he celebrated life, not death. Somewhere buried in our respective ideologies were two people trying to relate their very real and very human concerns-not only for the world, but for each other as individuals. Through the magic of caring communication, they accomplished a victory of sorts- they both forgot about all the things that separated them and were soon lost in one another. At that instant all contradictions and symbols were refuted. They both choose life. I am sure that many would respond to this as naive and unrealistic; that love is barely strong enough to maintain most close family relationships and beyond that, the heart is strained to its limits. So it is ridiculous for anyone to count on the power of love for a solution to international problems. I’ve often been told that in my zeal to love everyone I risk ending up loving no one. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Universal love is not only possible, it is the most complete love of which we are capable as human beings. But love can only work when we give up the antiquated mindsets which continue to paralyze us. We need to challenge the sophisticates who view it as romantic nonsense, idealistic bosh, unscientific and anti-intellectual. We need to accept love in our live as the most universal force for unification and good, accessible to all who really want it. Only then we will discover that love, fully realized, has the power to lay aside the petty things which separate us and reveal the fact that our enemy has a face and a heart. It is at this point that all things again become possible.

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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3 Responses to Passion for Loving

  1. Grego says:

    Beautiful prose!
    The story of the encounter in Soviet Moscow reminded me that it was not love or compassion for fellow man that saved the world from nuclear annihilation, it was M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction). That maybe sad, but I can rejoice in that we found a way to survive until at least today.

    • The only way to spread Love and Compassion is for peolpe to work together, to stop all the choas that has been happening

    • Thank you can i share this with you
      Amnesty International

      For defending human rights this year with Amnesty International, we say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

      Dear catherine,

      Do you know what a profound difference you have made in recent months?

      I know, and so do authorities around the world who were pressured to do the right thing as a result of your actions.

      You helped give journalist Eynulla Fatullayev his life back. Your actions helped set him free in May. He spent four tortured years in an Azerbaijani prison for criticizing his government.

      “I was between life and death. I witnessed much evil. It was you, my friends and saviors from the Amnesty International that kept alight the flame of hope in my soul.” — Former prisoner of conscience Eynulla Fatullayev

      You unlocked protester Faizan Rafiq Hakeen’s prison door with thousands of tweets. Police detained the 14-year-old in February under the controversial Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act and were ready to try him as an adult.

      In April, thanks to tough on-the-ground campaigning and a barrage of Twitter messages, or Tweets, authorities reconsidered his case and set Faizan free.

      You made the Egyptian army pledge to stop forcing women protesters to undero humiliating “virginity tests”. The army said the tests “protected” them against possible allegations of rape. You cried foul and demanded action. In June, Egypt’s military yielded, pledging to stop the degrading treatment of female detainees.

      You gave the people of Illinois the boost they needed to overturn the death penalty in their state. On March 9, 2011, Illinois became the 16th state to abolish the death penalty, liberating itself from a failed experiment and restoring dignity to its people.

      I hope that you are proud of these accomplishments. I am. They are nothing less than victories for humanity. And for that, we should take a moment to celebrate and to reflect on how powerful we can be when we stand together for human rights.

      Thank you for all you do to defend human rights.

      In solidarity,

      Larry Cox
      Executive Director
      Amnesty International USA

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