Message about the census

An Important Message about the Census This month, you will be filling in a census which will ask you, amongst other things, ‘What is your religion?’ (Qn. 20). It is vital that you take this question very seriously, because the government will use your answer to formulate the policies that it will implement over the coming decade. If you are not religious, it is vital that you say so. In the last census, 72% of the population said that they are Christian: yet less than 2% attend Church regularly on Sunday. The claim that ‘over three quarters of the UK is religious’ has been used at a national and local level to justify policies which favour the religious over the non-religious. For example, it has been used to justify an increase in the number of state maintained faith schools, to keep the unelected Bishops in the House of Lords, and to justify pouring state funds into religious organisations. Evidence suggests that 72% is a gross over-estimation of the number of Christians in the UK, explained by the leading nature of the census question. Many tick ‘Christian’ out of default because they were Christened or married in a church, but are not in fact religious. It is essential that this time around, the census data accurately reflects the religion of the population: if it does not, we may face another decade of increasing religious privilege and discrimination against the non-religious. So please, if you are not religious, say so on the census. Please forward this e-mail on to your contacts: we must spread the message before the census hits our doormats! If you are interested in finding out more about this issue, visit

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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