I didn’t violate the Restraining Order, they contacted me first and told me they wanted to see me…they told me it was OK to come home…so why am I charged with Criminal Contempt of Court?

NJ Law Talk

FRO 4Once a N.J. Superior Court Judge issues a Domestic Violence Restraining Order, only a Judge can ‘drop’ or agree to lift the protections of that Order. The protected party cannot violate the Order, only the person (we’ll call them the defendant for the time being) can violate the Order. Any violation of the Order will survive the dismissal of the Order and you can be convicted of ‘Criminal Contempt of Court’ for that violation, which can send you to prison for up to 18 months.

The phone rings, and you answer it. The person who called you is the protected person under a N.J. DV Restraining Order. They ask you a question and you answer it. Who goes to jail charged with criminal contempt of Court? You.

You look out your front door and the protected person (PP) is standing in front of your home. You walk outside and they…

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