Black Lives Matter

Make It Your Problem

Black lives matter and it matters that we reiterate that truism because there seems to be an epidemic of thought and deed that is trying to convince us otherwise. From rampant terrorism in Africa to political candidates and their supporters bragging about their bigotry to unequal justice being meted out, the thesis being proposed is that they don’t matter.
This week’s tragedies could be a tipping point or a turning point depending on how we see the world. The violence and vitriol mongers could tip the story toward more outrage, more revenge, more hatred and drag society into a deep pit of fear and reprisal. More deaths could occur across the continent and move to other jurisdictions. A powder keg of vile disregard could be ignited and burn up countries and cultures. The demonstrations would always have an edge of riot and unlawfulness and violence would beget violence.

I prefer…

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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