A Vision for Travel

We see a world where traveling has become an affordable, safe, smooth and fun experience for everyone. We see short lines at the airports and commuter stations because the airlines and travel companies have plenty of employees ready to help their customers right away; where all searches and governmental interruptions have been eradicated entirely; where the leg space on airline flights is more than adequate; where healthy, tasty, nutritious meals are available on all longer flights; where our baggage is treated gently, as if it was their own; where the pilots are well paid for the specialized work that they do; and where the people have gained a new respect for the airlines and all providers of travel, because the travel providers have taken on a new attitude. They truly care about the people they move from one place to another.







“As we look at this universe and we see Man struggling, and we see beasts and beings dying and living in agony and poverty, and we see the pain and turmoil and confusion, concern, and all of these various things—we say, ‘Good heavens. No game could be this way. This couldn’t possibly be the game.’

“That’s because we have become pantywaists on the subjects of how tough a game should be. Now, that’s a good thing for you to know. If there wasn’t this much penalty, you wouldn’t get that much game. You see that? Do you see all the misery and suffering as just—well, just rack it up and say those are the penalties. You miss here and you fail to win there—and that’s you there. Other people are very convinced. They see you lying there and they say, ‘Well, you know, I just better play this game just a little bit harder over in this direction.’

“What happens to a society, then, when it really starts going to pieces? Well, let’s look over history and find those societies that have gone to pieces are those societies which have no longer had stresses, no longer had contests, which no longer had anything in doubt—where everything was known and predictable and nice. …

“It’s an interesting thing that, during the war in London, it is reported that nobody went psychotic while the bombs were falling. But as soon as the war was over, everybody seems to have racked up a nice record in the mental homes. Interesting, isn’t it? Why shouldn’t people go crazy under that much stress and strain?

“And the answer is, is people don’t go crazy under stress and strain. People go crazy in the absence of stress and strain. And they get to a point of where they have so little stress and strain that somebody comes along and drops a straw on their big toe and the big toe breaks. That, they will have to consider as a penalty. They’ve been expecting some penalties, there’s—must be a game going on somehow.”

“I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.”
Author and Social Activist, Rita Mae Brown

Your action for today is to take extra joy in something you typically take for granted–like the smell of fresh baked apple pie.

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“What do we mean exactly by a game? It’s another thing that’s quite interesting. We mean ‘an involvement and consecutiveness of incident participated in by living beings, which contains an element of chance or unknownness.’ We have satisfied all of our requirements but one: the element of unknownness.

“If you know the outcome of a horse race, it is highly doubtful if you will go to see the ponies run. In fact, you couldn’t care less. You know that Ginger is going to be second and Rachmaninoff is going to be first and so forth and so what? No, there must be an element of chance for you to take interest in horses.

“In presidential elections and other low-toned sports, you must at any time be prepared to have your expectations overwhelmed and to have your mind changed on the subject. If you didn’t feel that your mind was going to be changed sometimes in life, the expectancy of the thing would have insufficient randomity and as a result we would have no game.

“So knowing how to play the game is very, very interesting. And somebody who is relatively disenfranchised will sit around for a long time wondering what he did wrong in playing the game. The only thing he possibly could have done wrong was not to have played the game.”













“Aspire to inspire before you expire.”
An Unknown Author

Your action for today is to think of someone who has inspired you. What was it about them that inspired you?

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A Vision for Freedom via Forgiveness

In the Spirit of bringing topics that are timely and relevant to light, today we share a Vision for Freedom via Forgiveness with you. It is our Intention that you not only Align with it by clicking on the Big Green YES Button, but that you also begin to incorporate it, as we are, into your daily life.

We see a world where freedom and peace have blossomed everywhere because everyone who lives on this wondrous planet has forgiven everyone else for whatever trespass they have done, or were thought to have done.

We see a world where all those who selfishly lord over the peoples of the Earth – the puppeteers, as well as their puppets, presidents, politicians and pawns of the pawns who have sold out their fellow men and women for fear of not having enough for themselves – are utterly forgiven en masse; where all those throughout history who have played the roles of the bad guy – whether they wear the garb of the Nazi, the Hun, the Mongol, the Roman legion, the American soldier, the Muslim extremist, the Yankee, the Reb, the tyrant or the terrorist – are completely forgiven by all; where those in our own family line – our fathers and great grandfathers who abused, bullied and beat us in the name of a false love – are entirely forgiven regardless of the pain and suffering they inflicted; and where we have called forth and confronted our own dark energies and experiences – the ones that have wrought harm or wronged others back through our entire existence – and we have shined the white, cleansing light of forgiveness upon every part of ourselves.

Take a moment and imagine what it’s like in a world where each and every one of us has forgiven everyone else. Now we are free within our own hearts and minds. Now we are free to build a true Heaven on Earth.

Now we are free . . .





“This matter of goals, then, becomes very intimate with beingness. … But what would stand in your road? Well, one of the things that would stand in your road is that everything you thought of, you would then have to do. …

“We’re disabused of this. This is ‘daydreaming,’ this is ‘bad.’ This is lots of things. ‘You shouldn’t do this sort of thing. … If you think of something, by golly, you should execute it!’ ‘You should only be practical. You should go along through life and when you think of being something it should (1) be something you reasonably could be and (2) then go ahead, hammer and tongs, and accomplish that goal.’ …

“In other words, prove it. Prove a dream. Putting a goal into complete execution is just that: prove a dream.

“You might think of becoming the greatest general that ever lived, some morning, and have a good time talking to yourself about it and figure it all out and the campaigns and that sort of thing. … You are the guy that postulated it, nobody else did. And you’re going along the line and it’s perfectly fine. Now, to have to become that general would be just simply the universe foisting it off on you that you’d better prove your daydreams.” 







“Achieving greatness in any endeavor begins with mastering the fundamentals.”
Author and Founder/Chairman of BNI-Business Network Int’l, Ivan Misner

Your action for today is to spend some time identifying the “fundamentals” of your business or a personal hobby, and see how often you implement them.

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A Vision for Relief from Stimulus Addiction

We see ourselves living in a world where we are free, not only from our addictions to substances of all kinds, but also from our addictions to stimuli of all kinds. In this more serene world we can comfortably sit still and not feel “the need” to go and do something, or to be somewhere else. We are at peace within ourselves.

Thus, we see all forms of stimulus addiction abandoned, once and forevermore. No one is shopping for diversion on a regular basis or spinning their wheels with impractical activity. No one is filling their closets and storage units with items they bought but never used. No one is feeling like they need to do something to relieve their boredom because we have learned to become comfortable in our bodies. We have learned to manage our energy and put it where it will do us the most good. Indeed, we’ve gleaned the wisdom in redirecting the energy that we would have put into aimless or aggressive endeavors, and now we use it to be more creative, more helpful to others, and more helpful to ourselves.


“The truth of the matter is, is there is noobstacle between you and anything you want to be or do. No obstacle exists except your obstacle. The walls aren’t there unless the walls are put there by you. The stones do not exist in the road unless you have elected a method of travel which balks at stones in the road.

“But the funny part of it is that unless you have some stones in the road… You ever been out on a freeway or an autobahn where you had something as level as a marble floor and you could put your foot down on the throttle and go to the entire top limit of the car and without curves, turns, traffic lights, traffic or anything in your road, have an unlimited distance for advance?

“And you say, ‘Why… that would just be wonderful! A car traveling at a hundred and twenty miles an hour or something like that without a curve, without traffic, without lights, why, just think of that, my goodness, couldn’t that thing go! That’s very exhilarating!’ The hell it is. … You have solid boredom on your hands. You’d better have a car radio. Just because there’s no change.” 

“The dinosaur’s eloquent lesson is that if some bigness is good, an overabundance of bigness is not necessarily better.”
Author, Eric Johnston

Your action for today is to see where having too much of something may actually be hurting you

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“Remember there’s always a starting point. People who have trouble performing things in life have not ever determined their starting point in life, you see? …

“That sounds like one of these horriblesimplicities that any boob would know. But the funny part of it is, is very few people know this.

“No matter how great, magnificent, insignificant, horrible, diabolical or beautiful an action or accomplishment might be, such as, ‘Let’s remold Earth so that it is a cube.’ …

“Well, the first thing you’d have to do, of course, is to have a goal and find out what you were trying to do. And the next thing that you’d have to have would be, of course, a starting point. …

“Well, if you never had a starting point, believe me, you would never get Earth into a cube. But the funny part of it is, if you had a starting point, you would at least accomplish part of your goal, if not all of it.” 




“No matter what the situation, a fascinated ‘Wow!’ will always beat a frustrated ‘Oh, no.'”
Magazine Editor, Rob Gilbert

Your action for today is to reflect on your response to a current personal challenge and see if you can bring a spirit of fascination to it.

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A Vision for the Lion and the Lamb

Today’s Vision comes from Beverley Tisdell and it speaks, so eloquently, for so many of us. Thank you, Beverley! She says, “Since I was a child I always hoped for the day when the lion would lie down next to the lamb so naturally that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I visualize our new world:”

We see a world where:
The lion lies down with the lamb;
There are no parasites or predators of any kind;
We communicate easily with all creatures and creation;
The varying climates are always comfortable for all,
The homeless and others may have whatever kind of home, wherever they choose;
There are no debts or creditors;
Land is not owned but shared cooperatively;
Talent is recognized, nurtured and flourishes;
We follow our natural curiosity to learn and accomplish whatever interests us;
All families, on and off planet, are reunited;
We travel wherever we want without tickets, baggage or passports;
Political boundaries disappear and regions are defined by their culture.

Thanks for all you do,
Beverley Tisdell






“What is one’s relationship with existence and what is his goals? What’s he trying to be, what’s he trying to do?

“Well, the closer he can get to defining what he’s trying to do or defining what he’s not trying to do, the closer he can get to that, the more able he is to arrive somewhere. And the further he is from precisely defining these goals, the further he is from trying to arrive.”


“You are captains of your own future. But if you did nothing about the future to change it and continued exactly the way you were going now, and nobody even wiggled an eyelash in the group that’s going to influence the future, the future is predictable and knowable. …

“You can read it, because time is an illusion. And if you can travel very freely on the track, you can certainly look at things in future track. But in that you have the power of changing future track, what you see is not always reliable. Because you can change it. Get the idea?”


“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
Scottish Theologian, Carl Bard

Your action for today is to see what change you can make in your exercise or work routine that would be of real benefit to you.

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