A Vision for the Heartbeat of Humanity

Here is an amazing Vision that comes to you from Johnny Glaze. We intend that you like it as much as we do.

I believe music has been and always will be the connecting dots to the other side, to the heavens, to the demarcations of our nature. I believe that the beat of the drum came before the sounds of man’s vocal cords. I believe there is a vital connection to the heartbeat of every creature with the drum beat of a skilled craftsman. The connection of a skin taken from a heart beat and placed on a drum and pulled tight creates the heartbeat that once was. That once was beating by nature is beating by the harmony of man.

I hear the songs of the birds, the rapture of the night creatures in the spring, the orchestra of dogs in the backyards of life chanting with one another. I hear the chimes of the cogs and sprockets in the industry world, the sounds of the subway rippling it’s tune, the dance of the washing machine, and it all comes back to the beat of man. This tune is akin to the heartbeat set by man or beast way before other types of communication prevailed.

Today it is essential to feel the heartbeat and play the music, no matter your liking, and feel, really feel, the communication that you are offing in your sound. The sound of your life is telling of the nature you abound. Become closer to the heartbeat and come closer to the heaven on earth. Turn off the news, turn off the reality tv, and play your music. Dance like no one is watching – even if they are.

“The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win.”
An Unknown Author

Your action for today is to look at where in your life can you increase your preparation.

Have an extraordinary day!

About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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