A Vision for A Positive Outlook

Today’s Vision comes, so sweetly, from Shelley Day in Canada. Thank you, Shelley! She says:

I envision a world where there is no need for doctors and prescriptions, because we all realize that we are perfect and radiating health and harmony from within. I see love, laughter, joy and a positive outlook being our only medicine.

I see a new earth-home where words like sickness and disease do not exist because we are so busy dancing and singing in perfect harmony with the angels,and rejoicing in our perfect health.

I see all of us living in the moment and shining like the brightest stars and Mother Earth is laughing and singing with us too, since we have all made her a proud parent by listening to her wisdom.
Shelley Day
Salt Spring Island

“Is the glass half full or half empty? It depends on whether you are pouring or drinking.”
Unknown Author

Your action for today is to think of an argument or disagreement you recently had. See if you can learn something by looking at it from their perspective.

Have an extraordinary day!

About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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