A Vision for Lifting the Veil of Tyranny

We see a world where all men and women everywhere are now aware of the true powers who seek to regulate and control life on this planet; where the veil has been lifted and all the schemes and agendas of those who would manipulate us for their own selfish purposes is clearly made known to humanity en masse; where all off-planet energies and beings who have taken part in the control of the human race, as well as the pillaging of planet Earth, have come to light so that the chain of command, the thread of tyranny, from a cosmic perspective is like an open book for all to read.

Now we are aware that our presidents and politicians answer to bankers and businesspeople who answer to greater Earthly powers who answer to even greater otherworldly and multidimensional powers, and so on.

Thus, we of the human race are made privy to every and all energies who have sought to puppet us and, now, with all such information having been brought to light, we are no longer able to be manipulated, but instead we are free to live out our own destiny without the interference and intrusion of others regardless of where they come from.

“Conversation means being able to disagree and still continue the discussion.”
Author, Dwight MacDonald

Your action for today is to re-start the conversation with someone with whom you’ve had a disagreement.

Have an extraordinary day!

About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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