A Vision for Eating

Today’s Vision is inspired by our new friend, Gordon, from the tall trees. He says: “Considering today’s new food laws (driven by Congress, Monsanto, & FDA), I trust a new vision of healthy organic and wholesome food will be one of our newest visions. Yes??”

Yes, indeed, and thank you, Gordon. Here is our response:

We see a world where our foods are as nutritious as they can possibly be; where people everywhere understand the immense value in eating the freshest, true organic, cleanest, chemical-free fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables available; and where processed foods of all kinds, except for those dried naturally in the sun, have disappeared because we have realized that they have no life-force energy whatsoever in them. In addition, we see ourselves living in a world where what we eat is not legislated by anyone; where we can eat what we want without the fear of interference, repercussion, or encumbrance by those who would seek to keep our frequencies low so they can control us easier.

We see a world where eating meats of any kind is no longer done because people everywhere have come to know that we can survive and thrive in excellent health without having to take the life of one of our beautiful animals – animals who would no more choose to give up their life so a human being can eat them than a human being would choose to give up their life so an animal can eat them.

And finally, we see ourselves understanding that the shift we are going through on planet Earth at this time has us each building a light body – and that we are being gradually weaned off of our dense and unhealthy food substances so that we will be better able to ascend into our multi-dimensionality when the time is ripe for us to do so.


“The best way out is always through.”
Poet, Robert Frost

Your action for today is to see on what project you are procrastinating and take a small step towards completing it.

Have an extraordinary day!

About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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