A Vision for Spiritual Mastery

Today’s Vision is simply wonderful! It comes to us from Intender, Carol Peacock,  from Sweetbriars Retreat Center in southern Missouri. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing Vision with us, Carol. We are sure that it will inspire many!

We envision a world where the common intent is spiritual mastery. The inhabitants of this world want for for nothing, for they state their intent for the highest good and, consequently, the universe joyfully fullfils all their desires. Everyone generously gives to each other for they realize that there is plenty of everything for everyone. Ownership loses its importance as each person finds themselves with space, shelter, nourishment, and resources.  

In a world such as this, there is an absence of competition for employment because everyone is self-employed happily doing what they love. Corporations disappear, for there is no longer a need to produce inferior products designed to last short periods of time to keep a false economy intact. Products that threaten the environment are no longer produced because the people no longer want them and refuse to use them. The environment flourishes, the animals become healthy again and are able to make their contribution to the ecosystem comfortably.

In their quest for spiritual mastery humans realise their own potential, finding that through thought they are able to transport themselves anywhere in the universe without physical transportation vehicles, thus ending the need to pollute the environment. Because humans have learned to grow the food they need without chemical fertilisers, factories are no longer needed to produce these harmful chemicals . Each geographical area grows what it needs for nourishment now that its people know that it is beneficial for them and the environment to eat what is grown locally and to design their diet to eat what is seasonal. People only eat food that is supportive of their physical body. As a result, costly and environmentally damaging vehicles are no longer needed to transport food.

Now that people find themselves at peace with the environment, with all of their needs satisfied easily, they enjoy themselves with each other, communicate freely with their guides, state their intents clearly for spiritual growth, and find themselves enjoying a beautiful life on a planet that thrives on awareness, love, peace, and the joy of living in the present. Oneness is evident and never questioned. The planet is happily receiving the bounty of the Universe and its inhabitants are in realisation of their multi-dimensional selves. We all know now that we are spirits with physical bodies, as opposed to physical bodies with spirit, and we recognise Oneness. This is our intention for the highest good of all.


“Yes, risk taking is inherently failure-prone. Otherwise, it would be called sure-thing-taking.”
Author, Tim McMahon

Your action for today is to do something that would not be considered a safe bet, yet there will be a substantial payoff if it works.

Have an extraordinary day!

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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