A Vision for Forgiving the World

We see a world where everyone has forgiven everyone else for whatever they may or may not have done; where we have fully realized that the key to our highest calling and ultimate happiness lies in the forgiving of ourselves and others; and, more than that, we have seen the wisdom in forgiving those throughout history who may or may not have wronged us.

We see a world where the entire ancestral line of each and every person living on the Earth today has been healed because we have forgiven those in our family’s past who brought harm to others.

And, by the same token, we see a world where everyone has forgiven all the dictators and tyrants who ever walked this Earth, as well as the institutions and nations they represented. Now we harbor no resentment whatsoever because we have forgiven the world, past, present, and future, and in doing so, we have disentangled ourselves from it and set ourselves free.



One of the ways of convincing people of beingness and one of the ways of being there is to exercise control. And of all the ways of being there, this is the most important—positive, undeniable exercise of control. That is a fabulous thing in its activities. You start to control the situation with a high enough ARC, with enough presence and factuality, and there’s nobody present but will step back and let you control the situation. You’re entitled to, in the first place, because of a senior know-how.”





“If he can deal with future and plan into the future, he’s pretty well-off. His self-confidence, his self-determinism, are the same measure, in other words. And as he goes up the Tone Scale, he has more and more self-determinism, he has more and more self-confidence, he has more and more future that he can lay out and expend. And more and more certainty and surety that his future will come about the way he planned it.

“Now, there we have this Tone Scale, we have this estimation of effort. And we notice something else now: that at the bottom of this scale, we have mostly concern with effort. Very low on the scale, we have concern with effort to such a degree that a person is always tired—always tired. Can’t even think of estimating an effort. That’s what tiredness is. …

“Now, as he goes up the band, his emotion level starts to fade out into thought—intentions and thought. Now, thought gets more and more and more embracive and esoteric as you go up the thing, until a person’s imagination is almost completely free. He can do anything with this.”


“Too often the opportunity knocks, but by the time you disengage the chain, push back the bolt, unhook the two locks and shut off the burglar alarms, it is too late.”
Singer, Rita Coolidge

Your action for today is to look for an opportunity to do something you’ve wanted to do and act on it.

Have an extraordinary day!

About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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