“The first downfall of any individual comes about when he desires to be an effect. And there is a postulate sitting on anybody’s track in this lifetime and in earlier lifetimes, again and again, and the earliest severe postulate on the track, which is ‘I want to be an effect.’ And this is immediately preceded by the ‘curiosity about an effect.’

“A thetan does not need to be an effect. He operates primarily as cause. But if he is continuously cause, continuously cause, he begins to suffer from a lack of randomity. …

“Optimum mental, physical, spiritual, whatever you want to call it—but beingness, certainly—in this universe consists of 50 percent attack and 50 percent defense; 50 percent Cause, 50 percent Effect. If you understand that thoroughly in all of its implications, the entire field of behavior will spread out before you like a map.”






“To stand still is to move backwards.”
Baseball Analyst, Ron Shandler

Your action for today is to do something that will make your exercise routine more beneficial to you.

Have an extraordinary day!

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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