A Vision for Living With What Is

Gloria Ives sent in our Vision for today and it is very timely. Thank You, Gloria! She says:

We envision a world where differing points of view are met with curiosity and tolerance. Where empathy is the driving force in understanding. We envision a world where we envision the future with optimism, regardless of whether our past expectations have actually come to pass.
We envision a present where disappointment is met with acceptance and the expectation that something good will come from this disappointment. Something of value that we might not have otherwise received had we received what we originally desired.
We envision a world where we expect our future to be one we can navigate and grow with, and one that will be exponentially filled with potential for our progeny, and our progeny’s progeny. A future of opportunity where we live with what IS but expect what can be.

How much do you trust your intuition? We all possess that small inner voice that warns us when someone or something isn’t right, or urges us to do something or go somewhere this is not in the plan. Yet many of us are taught to ignore their inner voice and to put other’s feelings and needs above their own.

My inner voice plays a big role in my work. While I certainly rely on my learned astrological knowledge when it comes to creating and interpreting my clients’ charts, I depend on my intuition as well. I can’t tell you how many times I felt an inner nudge to look at some aspect of a chart more closely, or to share some sudden thought or idea with my clients. Over the years I have learned to trust my intuition and listen to it without reservation and so far, it has never steered me wrong.

My friend, when you learn to listen to your inner voice and trust your own intuition you begin to trust yourself and your own judgment, and that makes you feel more confident and secure in the knowledge that you are truly in charge of your life. If you still don’t feel so comfortable with your intuition, you can always begin with smaller things. For example, consult your inner voice about which foods are the best choices for you at mealtimes or what clothes will give you the most positive presence and outlook for the day.

For bigger decisions, take time to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths while you concentrate on the situation and ask your inner self for guidance. Remain open to any thoughts, sounds or images that come to you and use them to help you make choices.

You may make some mistakes, but as you continue to access your own inner wisdom you will get better and better at trusting what comes to you and you will begin to trust your intuition to direct you on the right path.

Eventually you will find that accessing your inner voice comes as naturally as breathing. And trusting your intuition in all aspects of your life will be far more useful to you, and far more satisfying, than any advice that could be offered by others.

In every situation there is an opportunity for you to experience the deep satisfaction of trusting in yourself and your intuitive abilities.



“The best thing you can do to forecast the future that I know of with regard to the thing is simply to de-aberrate the person. And he has more command of future. Actually, the more presence an individual has, the more timespan of ‘nowness’ he is covering. And this opens up the whole idea of, ‘How wide is ‘now’?’ And do you know, from person to person you will find a different time interval is ‘now.’ …

“As an individual gets Clear, he gets more and more ‘now.’ And ‘now’ isn’t an abrupt thing which begins and ends sharply. It dwindles out. Your proper ‘now’ for an OT is eternity.”








Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.”
British Politician, David Lloyd George

Your action for today is to look for an opportunity to take a “giant leap.”

Have an extraordinary day!

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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