A Vision for Mercy

We envision a world where mercy has resurfaced in the collective awareness; where all fighting has stopped, all arguments resolved, all violence turned to creativity, and all vehemence transformed into love. We see a world where soldiering is unneeded because no one wants to harm anyone else; where we’ve all realized that it is far better to help than to harm, to uplift than undo, to bless than to badger, beat, or bomb others into submission.

We see a world where all guns are holstered, all knives and swords sheathed, all weapons destroyed, dismantled, and reformed into tools for the betterment of our lives.

As a result, we see peace everywhere, and humanity, as a whole, breathing a collective sigh of relief because every person who walks this planet has stopped what they were doing long enough to put themselves in the shoes of the other; where every person knows, beyond any doubt, that we all need each other, that we are all connected to one another, and that to bring harm to another only brings harm to oneself.

And we envision our hearts open and our minds unfettered and creative now that our bodies are safe because we have learned to give mercy in all situations; to let others go free so that they can live out their entire lives without our interference or imposition.



“The hump that your preclear hits is to find himself fully equipped for drama in an undramatic world. He’s in good shape, he’s in good motion, he can get all sorts of things done. All of a sudden, he looks around and he says, ‘Gee whiz.’

“Well now, he can go in two directions there: He can sort of monitor himself down and live a life of quiet desperation, thereafter, or he can simply engage in some of the more dramatic aspects of existence. You’ll normally find him doing the latter.”


“Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute.”
Author, Gil Stern

Your action for today is to reflect on the contributions you’ve made over the past month and notice how you feel about them.

Have an extraordinary day!

About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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  1. Contessa says:

    Totally enjoy your comments

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