The Judge did not take my license when he sentenced me, so how can the Motor Vehicle Commission? That’s not fair, I made a deal with the prosecutor and the State broke it! Now I have a hearing at the MVC to suspend my license…

NJ Law Talk

You have constitutional rights under both the U.S. Constitution; and, under the N.J. State Constitution…you having a driver’s license is not one of them. The ability to drive a vehicle is a privilege, one that you can lose if you break too many traffic laws. The Court can take your license, as part of a sentence and so can the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, for the same offense because one is a sentence, and the other is an administrative sanction. Not only is that not double jeopardy, the two suspensions will run consecutively – not concurrently – so you can end up being punished twice as much for the same offense.

There are certain motor vehicle offenses, such as speeding, where the punishment on conviction is worse when the conduct of the driver shows a greater disregard of the law. A speeding ticket for 30 over the posted limit…

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