I don’t have to worry, the cop said that if I cooperated and helped them as an informant that the cop would dismiss the charges…so why do I need a lawyer? Psst…hey kid, I got this great Bridge for sale…

NJ Law Talk

no clothesSo the person who arrested you and who is sworn to uphold the law, is going to ‘dismiss’ the charges that he just filed against you on an official New Jersey criminal complaint… Yeah, OK, and the Emperor really was wearing something, right? Psst, hey pal…since you’re that gullible, I got a nice bridge for sale and you would look great collecting all those tolls…

There is a saying, that if something sounds to good to be true, it probably is not true. The reality is that once a criminal complaint has been issued, the only person who can agree to dismiss it is the prosecutor. The cops cannot ‘cut a deal’ with a criminal defendant without the direct agreement of a prosecutor. The cops can say that they will ‘dismiss’ to try to get you to cooperate, but once you are charged with a criminal offense in N.J. the…

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