‘How to turn a traffic ticket into a serious criminal prosecution’; or, ‘What happens if you try to “outrun” the police when they signal you to stop your car’. Either way, you just went from a fine to a prison sentence without passing ‘GO’.

NJ Law Talk

pulloverWhile driving your car in New Jersey, you see the police and because of the speed you are driving (or any other MV violation you may have committed) you think ‘Oh no, I don’t want a ticket’, so when the police signal you to stop (you know…when they pull up behind you, turn on their emergency lights and siren…) you speed up and try to outrun them, drive the wrong way down a one-way street, or cut across lanes of traffic to get to an exit ramp. Dumb move. You just went from getting a traffic ticket and then going on with your life, to being arrested, placed into custody, and being charged with ‘eluding’, a 2nd degree crime that has a sentencing range of 5-10 years and a presumption of incarceration.

As the driver of the car, you are presumed to have control of the vehicle. That includes being responsible for…

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