A Vision for Healing from Addiction

The Vision for today comes to us from Curtis Murphy, and like several other Visions our readers have sent in recently, this one speaks so beautifully for so many . . .  Thank You, Curtis! He says,

Thank you for your inspiring work; I’ve been receiving the visions for several weeks now and it’s wonderful. I’ve seen that a few times you have sent out visions inspired by some of your readers, so I thought I’d share one of my own with you, with the hope that you would want to develop it and/or send it out. I call it “A Vision for the Healing of Addiction,” and it goes something like this:”

We see a world where our society responds to those suffering from addiction with compassion rather than condemnation. We envision that all our efforts in addressing addiction aim to heal rather than to punish. We no longer persecute others for their dependence on substances or behaviours, rather we look inward at ourselves, responding with love to what we find, and reflecting this love outward upon those who suffer.

We see addictions of all kinds disappearing in the light of acceptance, wisdom and love. Furthermore, we envision a world where no addiction needs to take root in the first place. All people receive the attention, nurturing and nourishment they need, and there is no emptiness to be filled with unhealthy substitutes. We see all people healthy and happy from the moment of birth until the moment of death, living together in harmony and blessed wholeness.





“The whole joke is, is that there isn’t any time. And therefore it’s very hard to establish, unless it’s established by postulate and consideration.

“You’ve known somebody who has run completely out of goals in life. He has no more dreams. He’s lost his illusions. When they’re about seventeen, they begin telling you they’ve lost their illusions. …

“This is a curious thing when a person is all out of goals, dreams, and so forth, they run out of time track. Because the only way to get a time track is saying, ‘There is time. There is time. There is time.’

“The only way to get a future is by saying, ‘There’s a future. There is a future. There is a future.’

“The fact is, you couldn’t possibly—you couldn’t possibly tell time by the clock unless you told the clock what time it was.”





“The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.”
Poet and Educator, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Your action for today is to think of three things you understand today that you were incapable of understanding ten years ago.




“Of how much action are you capable in one second? Well, at the bottom you’re capable in that one second of complete motionlessness, and at the top you could live a whole lifetime, theoretically, both sides. In other words, you go up the Tone Scale, you get more and more and more and more time, actually, because you get up the line to where you are time and then you’re controlling time and then you createtime. …

“Now, if you see somebody who is flying around like mad and he just seems to get all sorts of things done, he just—he never complains about the fact that he hasn’t any time; sometimes he looks around rather puzzled and wonders why somebody else isn’t moving as fast as he is. And he just keeps getting these things done—brrrrrr!And comes four o’clock in the afternoon and he figures he’s loafed all day.

“And there’s somebody else: They get up and they walk around and they work real hard and they got one envelope addressed at supper time! And yet they think they’ve been moving all that time.”





A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities; an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.”
World War I Soldier, Reginald B. Mansell

Your action for today is to take one of your challenges and turn it into an opportunity.


“A thetan hangs between these two poles: Let me be aware enough to enjoy it, but not so aware that I know I put it there. …

“You have to be very careful, after you’ve been cleared a bit and so forth, when you’re watching a motion picture or something like that, of not to know the end before you get to it. You know, this is funny, you have to be careful not to know the end. …

“Now, it isn’t that the end is formed in energy. This is what fools the thetan, you see. The end is not there as an energy form. He’s not looking at it as an energy form. He just knows the end, you see? … If he had pictures of the future and looked at those all the time, that would really be cheating.

“But it’s not quite cheating sometimes to know what’s going to happen a couple of seconds from now. But it’s optimum, actually, to not be any more than a half a second or so in advance of yourself in terms of knowingness.”


“No matter what accomplishments you achieve, somebody always helps you.”
Athlete, Althea Gibson

Your action for today is to thank someone who helped you accomplish something.

Have an extraordinary day!

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