“Do you know why people don’t think about any dreams and goals at all? It’s because—the instantaneousness of the impulse ‘to think about a goal is to be stopped.’ And they stop right there. Now, your preclear is in this department in many, many of life’s activities. Just to think about doing something is enough to stop.

“For instance, let’s take a matter of the emperor of the world. Now, I just propose to you, why don’t you postulate to yourself the goal of being the emperor of the world? Some of you could postulate it for a little while but, sooner or later, you ran into a qualification on it. You’ve obviously played the game of ‘Emperor of the World’ someplace or another and been stopped. King of the Mountain sort of is the game all life plays.

“But anyway, you think of that and then something discredits it. There isn’t any real certainty you could get on that: ‘I couldn’t go ahead and be emperor of the world. Who would want to be emperor of the world anyway? You wouldn’t want to enslave all men, you wouldn’t want to do this’ and so forth and lots of reasons and qualifications. …

“Well, it must have been based on a far more trying experience much earlier. And much earlier than that, must have been based on the postulate there could be a barrier.”




“Goals are dreams with deadlines.”
Time Management Consultant, Diana Scharf Hunt

Your action for today is to put a deadline on one of your dreams and turn it into a goal.

Have an extraordinary day!

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