A Vision for the Highest Light

We envision us living in a world where everyone sees everyone else in their highest light, where everyone sees the Godspark in everyone else; and where everyone holds a vision in their minds of everyone else living their lives happily, healthfully, freely, abundantly, and fulfilled in every way.

We imagine us living in a world where people everywhere now understand the difference between our preferences and our judgments; where we understand that each has their preferences (I like chocolate – you like vanilla), but that it does not serve us whatsoever to judge another (because they might like vanilla and you don’t care for it). We see them in their highest light, regardless of all their predilections, proclivities, and preferences.

And now that we are seeing each other in the highest light, it’s easy for us to take the next step and see our entire world in its highest light, and we hold that vision – knowing that our thoughts are creating our future – until we are experiencing it all around us.

Indeed, we have created an amazing, extraordinary new world for ourselves simply by enough of us holding the thought of it in its highest light.




“The more laws you have, the less you observe. You settle into the security of just following the law and one day the law goes out of style, and there you are still following the law. All of your aberrations are just laws that have gone out of style. …

“The restoration of judgment is a necessary ingredient to the making of OTs. And, practice in reestimating effects will attain this. …

“Judgment—not trustworthiness so much—but just judgment of being able to create effects which match up to an optimum solution, is in itself an adequate rehabilitation for a thetan and would of itself bring him back up to OT, no matter what process, type or route did it.”

“The wise person questions himself, the fool others.”
General, Henri Arnold

Your action for today is to pick one of the decisions you make today and question yourself on why you’re making that decision.

Have an extraordinary day!

About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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