A Vision for Relationships

We see a world where people enter into loving relationships because they are intending to help and support each other in fulfilling whatever the other’s dreams are; where all of the Old Ways that incurred obedience and obligation have gone away; where none need consult the blessings of any government in order to pledge their love or separate from one another; and where all men and women retain their personal freedom within the relationship.

We see a world where laws are not a consideration at all because we have evolved to the point where we are living in a loving world; where everyone is expressing their love freely; and where we understand that relationships may or may not last for the whole of one’s life. Accordingly, we see a world where people who choose to go on with their lives alone, without the other, are free to do so. We do this because we have learned that sharing, letting go of our attachment, and giving freely of all things is how people who truly care for one another relate.




“Now, the individual starts walking uphill and he takes this by gradients and there’s probably a greater distance between Clear and OT than there actually is between wog and Clear. It’s probably a greater distance. …

“We’re getting this strange being who isn’t just suddenly all-powerful or something of the sort. We’re getting this being who is all-powerful and still can fix the kid’s electric train, do you see? … He knows all about life, you know? He knows this whole pattern out here of the causes and effects of various things and how they’re interwoven and what happens and what doesn’t happen—he knows all these things by experience. Without suffering from the experience, he yet has the experience.

“So he experiences everything that he wants to experience and doesn’t have to experience things that he doesn’t want to have experienced. He’s in actual fact a walking miracle who is himself comprehending all the miracles. So, it’s quite remarkable.”





“OT is the recovery of skills. That’s overtly the recovery of skills of the thetan. And clearing is just taking what you find and getting the bricks off the track, see. You haven’t asked him to recover any skills. He quite incidentally recovered quite a few skills, you see, by unburying the situation. He’ll come back to battery* to a marked extent.

“But the state of OT is another—another action entirely. That is the overt recovery of skills. You’ve got this guy Clear, but he can’t speak Arabic. Spaceman walks up to him and says ‘snob-snos-kapop’ or whatever—some space lingo of some sort or another that they used to speak. And he says, ‘Sounds familiar, but what is it?’ you know. And all right, well, how do you recover the fellow’s languages for him and all that sort of thing? Those are the questions asked at the level of OT, see? Just as OT implies Operating Thetan, you recover his skills of operation.”








“We never know the love of a parent until we become parents ourselves.”
19th Century Minister, Henry Ward Beecher

Your action for today is to write three things you appreciate about your parents. And if they are still alive, let them know.

Have an extraordinary day!

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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