“A functioning illusion is what is commonly called the body. …

“Now, is there an ugly illusion possible or is there a nice illusion possible? Well, of course, anybody can have any kind of an illusion he wants. …

“What do you do about anatomy and structure and looks and aesthetics and all that sort of thing? Well, decide what you want and have it! I mean, let’s not go into, ‘Let’s see, what is wrong with it? Now validate what is wrong with it. Now how do we repair what is wrong with it?’ …

“Did you ever see an artist out there with a big canvas and so forth and he’s busy painting and he all of a sudden starts worrying about how he’s going to repair what he’s painted. Well, that picture just never gets painted, that’s all. …

“You want a picture. You want a being. And the point you should make is just to boost somebody right on up the scale till he can have a picture—till he can paint one, not patch one. And anytime you stop at ‘patch,’ you’re in trouble.”




“What you put inside your brain, no one can take away.”
Auschwitz Survivor, Dr. Edie Eger

Your action for today is to take a few minutes and examine what kind of thoughts you’ve been putting in your brain lately.

Have an extraordinary day!

About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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