A Vision for Leadership

This timely Vision comes to us from Michael Beveridge in California. Michael emphasizes that OUR BELIEF MAKES OUR WORLD, and therefore he shares the following . . . 

We see our world as a reflection of what we truly are ready for and believe in with utter faith and compassion. 

We see a world in which those in control of our power centers have the highest of intentions for all on this physical plane: All environments, all creatures, all cultures and societies. We see these powerful and good intentioned leaders in their native habit of love and compassion, making wise choices and setting an example for all physical creatures, in an effort toward peaceful advancement for all. We see our good intentioned leaders in a state of good physical and emotional health.

We see all the peoples of this world in dwellings of peace, well-being, beauty, and contentment; sanctuaries of rest at the end of day, and havens of love and security for ourselves and our young.

We see our community institutions, learning centers, and social gathering places as environments of interaction with one another in compassionate, happy, and positive ways, leading to advancement and expansion of society and technology, for the benefit of all.

We see, in particular, our financial institutions as well intentioned organizations, offering ethical, humane means of speedy advancement through the use of monetary credit and other forms of structured and focused energy. We see the highest good for society in this.

We see happy, industrious, productive, scrupulous, and ever-advancing societies of compassionate beings, all looking out for themselves and one another for the common good. We see ourselves ready in our hearts and our minds for good leaders,


So Be it and So it is!
Thank you, Michael


“Maybe one or two of you have tried to write a book. And you said, ‘Well, if I only… If things were… If my time was… If she wouldn’t…’ And here are all these obstacles.

“All you had to say to yourself was ‘Well, there aren’t any interruptions to me writing the book. There just aren’t any.’ There wouldn’t be any. That’s a weird thing, but it’s an experiment which you ought to make.

“‘There aren’t any interruptions to my getting this job done.’ The only real interruptions that can happen to you is that somebody can come along and actually physically bar you away from progressing along a certain line—physically bar you away.

“Somebody could come along, for instance, and smash the typewriter and then you’d have to write it by hand. And then somebody could come along and break all your pencils, so then you’d have to get some more pencils or write it in ink. But if you didn’t recognize any of these things as obstacles and if you didn’t recognize any time factor in your own thinking apparatus, there is no bar!”


“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”
Thomas Jefferson

Your action for today is to see if you are shying away from doing something in the future because of something that happened in your past. If it is worth doing, do it anyway!

Have an extraordinary day!

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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