A Vision for Going Back to the Basics

We see a world where people have gone back to the basics; where, from our earliest childhood, we are taught how to grow a garden, build a simple house, fix a vehicle, forage for indigenous foods and medicines, keep basic health and hygiene standards, put things back where we got them, plant a fruit tree, build a fire, swim, sew, communicate, cook a meal, work a computer, think positively, read, write, do basic math, be responsible for ourselves, and more.

We envision a world where people know their neighbors, make themselves more available, and enjoy gathering in local communities – for, indeed, all of the massive, cumbersome, centralized political and financial institutions have gone away because people no longer wanted to be governed by someone they didn’t know, by someone who had self-serving motives, or by someone who didn’t really care about them.

As a result, people have set up local currencies, local co-ops, and they resolve all their differences at the local level with the help of elders who are respected and chosen for their wisdom and compassion.

Likewise, we see people more tuned in and responsible for their own health than in the past when they used to rely on others to tell them what was going on with their body. In fact, we see people everywhere having taken a stand on behalf of their own well-being. No longer are we dumbed down or undiscerning. Now we are all more awake and aware, and we have chosen, courageously, to withhold our agreement, our allegiance, our obedience, and our support from anyone who would act uncaringly or unlovingly toward us or our fellow travelers. Instead, now that we have all the skills we learned in childhood at our beck and call, we have gone back to basics, focused our attention back at the community level, and begun to take full responsibility for all that goes on in our lives.


“You say, ‘Today I feel pretty old, you know.’ You go walking down the street and complaining to everybody about how old you feel. It’s a game. And tomorrow, why, how fast can you snap out of that and be nice and young? ‘My, I feel young today.’ Of course, the funny part of it is, your friends will keep telling you, ‘Yesterday you felt old. What are you doing feeling young today? You’re inconstant.’ Why don’t you just play one game at a time—that’s one of the best operations.

“So that you, as an individual, could be said to have an enforced individuality when your individuality, if you are at all—feel incompetent or disabled in any degree—you must be working on an enforced individuality or an inhibited individuality, which amounts to the same thing. …

“Don’t you think that it’d be a matter of discovering free choice on your individualness, if you wanted to be entirely free? The recovery of free choice on individualism is probably the highest theoretical goal in auditing. Free choice on individualism. If you could attain that, you could do the darnedest things. Ooh! Free choice on individualism carries with it practically every magical trick you could think of.”



“You say a person who is standing still and is bored and so forth, you know, he’s not interested in job, time hangs heavy on his hands. And it feels like he’s at his work a long time. That is not how it feels to him.

“He goes to work, he loafs, he eats his lunch, goes home.

“He says, ‘I wonder what I did today.’

“Well, be pretty hard for him to get the answer, because the answer is nothing, you see?

“It sort of creeps up on a person that way in life till eventually, boy, these days are going by just whizzt, whizzt, whizzt, one right after the other. Zip, zip, zip, zip. Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone. Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset…

“Right now I give you an insidious thought. Your time, being self-created, is probably traveling—is probably traveling at some tremendously altered speed from what it was when you were, let’s say, five years old—probably some tremendously altered speed.

“And you think you’re doing all right and that a day is long as you think it is. Well, that’s the truth. The day is as long as you think it is. But how long do you think a day is?”



“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
Opera Singer, Beverly Sills

Your action for today is to see where you are trying to take a shortcut. If you find that you are, you may want to reconsider.

Have an extraordinary day!

About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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  1. pratviksingh says:

    Awesome article!! I’m totally amazed!!

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