A Vision for Wellness

We see a world where wellness is the watchword of the day; where humanity has realized, oh-so-clearly, that we are wise to hold a vision of ourselves and others in the highest light – happy, healthy, vibrant, joyous, creative, and living our calling to the fullest.

We see a world where supporting sickness in others, having a vested interest in illnesses of any kind, naming, creating, advertising, and reinforcing diseases, being sympathetic instead of empathetic, being dependent on big pharmaceutical companies who have profit as their first priority, believing things are contagious, experimenting with vaccines, and so forth have gone by the wayside because we have begun to use light, to bring Spirit/Source into the picture, and to use positive envisioning and love to heal one another.

Can you imagine a world like this? It is a world where we are all living in peak health because that is all we are putting our attention on.

Nothing is visible unless it communicates.… That’s one of those horriblesimplicities. …

“The world, as it falls out of communication, goes along very happily believing that it’s all for the best in this best of all possible worlds. And somebody is going to do something about it someplace, sometime, regardless of what’s happening. Well, I’ve got a terrible surprise for you. If you just never do anything about it, nothing will ever happen.

“For instance, you’ll be coasting along in life and somebody puts you in some downgraded position. It’s a very funny thing, but if you simply take the downgraded position and never say anything about it, you’re liable to be left there. And then what if you got a lower position by accident and then you never said anything about that?

“I think I described the dwindling spiral that people have been following, you know? They say, ‘Well, it’s all for the best and somebody someplace has a purpose for all this and they’re doing all the communication.’ Well, if they do all the communication, youbecome invisible.”



“You talk about any situation in existence in the world today, don’t abuse it, just talk about it or talk into it and it disenturbulates markedly.

“Now, perhaps you don’t believe that you as an individual could reach that far and that’s the only reason you don’t do it. You say, ‘Well there’s a lot of things there with bad intentions and I couldn’t possibly reach through all that.’ A great oddity—you can.

“The barrier has to be put up by you. You have to put up the barrier.

“We take this bundle of confusion over here see? … All you have to do is start talking directly into it, whether you get an acknowledgment or not. And your mistake is talking only as long as you get an acknowledgment. That’s because you want something out of the confusion. You don’t want anything out of that confusion. We don’t care whether he acknowledges or not. Just start talking into the confusion and it starts to come to pieces.”





“You can’t win by being more average than average.”
Writer, Seth Godin

Your action for today is to see where you are doing average work and bring some excellence to it.

Have an extraordinary day!

About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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