A Vision for Freedom from Debt

We envision a world free of debt of all kinds; a world where all debt has been forgiven, all usury stopped, every slate wiped clean, every heart opened and mind freed because people everywhere are giving and sharing with each other.

We see a system of exchange based on abundance instead of encumbrance, equality instead of slavery, conscience instead of competition, opportunity instead of obligation, gratitude instead of greed. We see all peoples, everywhere, enjoying equal access to all good things, and with this comes a blossoming in the soul of humanity such as has never before been seen throughout the whole of time.





“Before a person can be something he has to be willing to grant beingness to something. He must grant that it exists before he can become it. Therefore granting of beingness is senior to beingness.

“Well, when you find some preclear who can’t be anything very readily you immediately can assume that this individual is trying to prevent other people from granting beingness. …

“A thetan can always grant beingness of one kind or another. What he’s granting beingness to is others not granting beingness, see. So he’s got a basic consideration there: ‘others not granting beingness,’ which stands in the road of granting beingness. But he is still granting beingness, isn’t he? …

“The probability is you hit basic on the chain for this life when he answered the first question, ‘Who would it be all right to have grant some beingness to things? to give life to things? to talk to things?’ so forth.”


“We look too much to museums. The sun coming up in the morning is enough.”
Painter Romare Bearden

Your action for today is to enjoy and appreciate something small that you tend to take for granted.

Have an extraordinary day!

About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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