A Vision for Our Food

We see a world where all foods, everywhere, are healthy, beautiful, and delicious; where every morsel is filled with life-force energy which makes us strong and vibrant so we are able to live active, fulfilling lives.

We see the food cared for, every step of the way, as it comes from the Earth to our tables; where the farmers and gardeners have realized that the energy within the food is directly related to the love that went into growing it; where people bless and pray over the plants as they grow because along with seeding, fertilizing, watering, and cultivating the plants, we have learned that praying over and intending blessings for every plant is an equally important part of the farming process, and that it insures the energy we receive from the plants is of the highest quality.

We see additives, addictive agents, preservatives, processing, and packaging no longer needed because we, humanity, have evolved to a point where we are only ingesting clean, fresh, live foods; where people have understood that part of the great change we have been going through involves us becoming lighter – growing a light body – and evolving to a level where the only food we will eventually be eating is Light.


A common challenge with my clients is the ability to stay calm and centered, even when things around them seem crazy and out of control. This isn’t surprising, as life today is hectic, and our fight-or-flight mechanisms are constantly being triggered. The problem is that our bodies can sometimes react strongly to stimuli, such as criticism or passing comments from a family member or coworker, in the same way they might have responded several millennia ago with the threat of a wild animal. They feel a sudden burst of adrenaline and the confused thinking that accompanies it.

There are always going to be periods when life becomes chaotic. Sometimes situations hit us out of the blue and throw us off course. While these situations may be against our liking and even upsetting, there are practices to help us keep calm and more levelheaded in the heat of the moment. Learning to be present in your body even while chaos ensues around you is the key to staying centered, and that is what I want to pass on to you this week: how to better cope with the daily ups and downs.

When we experience an adrenaline rush from extreme stressors, we may also have a physical reaction that muddles our thinking and prompts us to react in a way that eliminates our control. The next time this happens for you, take a moment to calm your breathing, and check in with what might be going on in your body. Notice any feelings in your hands and feet or sensations in your torso and head? Connecting to your body in this way helps to ground you both physically and mentally.

Calming your mind, makes it easier to stay in the present moment. So, in those heightened moments, try to get a sense of any scenarios that may be playing out in your head. And if they do appear, replay them in your mind’s eye, but with a positive outcome. This practice will give you a better grasp of your situation and allow you to calmly decide if the situation at hand is something over which you can exude some control and do something about, or if it is something you just have to accept and try to let go of it. Either way, being present in your body and mind is a better coping mechanism than a fight-or-flight reaction.

So the next time you find yourself reacting to an unexpected turn of events, remember to breathe, be present in your body and strive to stay in the moment. The tools I have shared will help you to better cope with a situation rather than just reacting to it. Life is full of ups and downs. My hope is that you gain a better sense of control over the little daily blips so that you can focus on the parts of life that are truly important to you.

“Did you ever see a group of actors put on a play without any audience? Have you ever seen a group of actors in a rehearsal? …

“One day this was happening and I went into the room where they’d been and it was about ten o’clock at night. And I said, ‘Isn’t it about time Hamlet had some coffee?’ And they woke up, you know, and they said, ‘It’s ten o’clock! Boy, we’d better get out of here. We have to be on the set tomorrow morning.’ Do you know, they weren’t even rehearsing a part. They had no reason whatsoever—they weren’t practicing, they weren’t trying to make themselves any better—nothing. They were just enjoying doing exactly what they were doing. …

“Here these people could do a superlative role and enjoy just being the role without any audience at all. When you can be your own best audience and when your applause is the best applause you know of, you’re in good shape.”


You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”
College Basketball Coach, John Wooden

Your action for today is to make an anonymous donation or do something nice for someone without them finding out you did it.

Have an extraordinary day!

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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