A Vision for Paradise

Today’s powerful Vision comes to us from Sara Mann. Thank you, Sara! She says:
THERE IS PEACE FOR ALL; all religions have simply turned to BELIEF In WE ARE ALL ONE; there is no division!!! because there is no stress from division of egos and faith and belief, there is no DIS-ease…

LOVE is easy to fall into and REMAIN because it is DIVINE and we SPEAK with HEARTS & SOULS!!! There is no LACK because WE ALL SHARE EQUALLY the ABUNDANCE the EARTH truly has; and there is no hoarding or hogging. MUSIC is in the AIR; no smog, and MOTHER EARTH returns to the PARADISE it was before it was messed up . . .
Namaste Blessed Be




“And you say, ‘Let’s see, what are my troubles? What are my troubles? What difficulties am I having?

“Write them down, make a list of them. Here they are, here they are, here they are, ‘I’m obsessed with the idea that the landlord is going to evict me at any moment, and…’

“Now we don’t even have to go and talk to the landlord. It’s an oddity. Of course, the reality of having some cash to pay him with is very nice. But when we don’t have the cash, there’s no use worrying about it, too. Get the idea? It’s one thing to be arrested and it’s another thing to worry about being arrested and be upset because you’re arrested. If you’re arrested, you’re arrested. Why worry about it, too?

“All right. Now, we make a list of these little problems and then we read them over. Read that first one that you wrote down and just say to yourself, ‘Now how am I going to tackle this?’

“You see that’s kind of a communication to it, isn’t it, hm?

“You say, ‘Now how am I going to tackle that? Well I’ll do so-and-so and so-and-so.’ …

“Funny part of it is, after you have occasionally answered the question, something will happen to the situation. You’re really not looking at mysticism or necromancy or good luck charms. It’s just the fact you’re communicating in that direction. And if you communicate in that direction, your sphere of influence increases in that direction. And things start to work better in that direction. It’s as easy as that, easy as that.”


“Commitment with accountability closes the gap between intention and results.”
Author, Sandra Gallagher

Your action for today is to look at one of the commitments you have silently made and communicate it to someone else. This will increase your accountability.

Have an extraordinary day!

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