“It isn’t always true that an individual should, at all times, be in control of his environment. That is not necessarily true at all. Do you realize, if that were true, no motion-picture image would ever unfold before you on the screen. You would simply stop the projector. See? Because you don’t control that which entertains you. You have to be able to make things controlled or leave them uncontrolled at will. And the definition of good control is to control or to leave totally uncontrolled at will. That’s the two sides of control. Neither one is more important than the other. They are both important.

“To be able to do either of those two things at your own determinism determines the happiness and success of your own life, and that’s for sure: to control or leave uncontrolled anything in your environment at will. Boy, this is really superman stuff, see? You would certainly exteriorize at will. You’re busily controlling the body and all of a sudden you don’t control the body. Well, you would be elsewhere if you weren’t controlling the body at all. Do you see that clearly?

“However, for the purposes of auditing session and getting along in a rather aberrated world, you should be able to control or leave uncontrolled the people you are with. You control them while you yourself are talking to them, and you leave them uncontrolled when they’re talking. And we have it as a two-way comm and then we have some interchange and randomity in existence, and so it becomes livable. In other words, when we’re talking to them, why, we have control and when we’re not talking to them, they have control. And that’s all. And if you’re satisfied with either side of this—how fascinating—people never worry you anymore. That is the end of people as a concern, see?” 



“You don’t have to like change to take advantage of it.”
Author, Seth Godin

Your action for today is to look for the advantage you could gain if you embraced a current change that you are resisting.

Have an extraordinary day!

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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