A Vision for Feelings

Dear Tony,
I hope you are enjoying your life to the fullest – thank you once again for all your work. It is highly valued and appreciated. Today I was reminded how thankful I am for my inner guidance system so I want to pass on a vision for everyone to enjoy 🙂

I envision a world where sensitivity to feelings are no longer seen as a weakness. Everyone has remembered that their emotions are an indicator of happiness and inner guidance. No longer are we afraid to fully feel our emotions but bid them welcome as a reminder of where we are at in this moment and where we are heading. We know that being afraid is not the issue – so we are not afraid to be afraid. As we get to know our feelings better and better, we let go of all negative emotions so the positive emotions have fertile conditions in our bodies and in our mind.

We know that with every thought we think there are emotions attached and this knowing serves us to create better feeling thoughts whenever we feel ourselves following a negative stream of emotions. We now know that we are loved beyond any description and guided every moment by our inner guidance system. The People of the Earth are empowered.

With love
Pernille Therkildsen, Denmark

Thank you, Pernille!


“Today we have things called magicians. They do stage magic and they write in their own books that hocus-pocus was what caused the magic back down through the centuries. There is no plainer statement that is utter balderdash in the language than those statements that stage magic today was the modus operandi used to create what was called ‘magic’ a thousand years ago. This Earth was real wild for a while there, real wild. …

“The only lesson to be learned from those people is just that one: Cause, when you’re going to be cause, know what kind of an effect you’re trying to create. When you know what kind of an effect you’re trying to create, you’ll continue to be cause. And when you don’tpostulate what kind of an effect you’re going to create… you’re like the chess player who moves on impulse. He gets up against the fellow who calmly postulates that he is going to win this game by doing so-and-so and then does it.”



“There’s no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery. You can’t do any business from there.”
Colonel, Harland Sanders

Your action for today is to see how closely your financial pursuits are in alignment with your values.


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