Perceiving the Sensory and Extra-Sensory Worlds


The sense of Smell is one of the most developed senses along with hearing due to its proximity to the brain. Not only can a keen sense of smell help us detect dangers, it can also fill our life with fragrance or perceive the extra-sensory world.


The sense of smell


The advantage of having a keen sense of smell is that it enables you to perceive the extra-sensory world that can manifest through specific scents.

It is true that the sanctity of several saints was demonstrated by the smell of rosesgiven off by their often perfectly-preserved bodies after they had passed away. In some instances, the smell was the only perceived factor but, in others, several factors combined to prove their sanctity.

Perfumes or typical scents are sometimes given off by spirits or the deceased. Perceiving them can help in identifying the deceased or the entities manifesting positively or negatively as well as inferior spirits, evil entities or the ill-intentioned deceased.

To improve your ability to recognize scents, I advise that you regularly purchase natural essences in specialized or organic shops so you can teach yourself how to identify and recognize them.

Regardless of your current level of smell detection, you can improve and reach new heights but only if you train on a regular basis.


Therapeutic knowledge of perfumes


Training in identifying smells can be complemented by recognizing perfumes and using incense.

Recognizing perfumes will not only enable you to develop your olfactory identification abilities but you will also be able to increase the pleasure you feel as well as your well-being if you regularly smell good scents, which will have an impact on your mind and body.

Aromatherapy shows how important scents, essences and perfumes are for our organism and our mind.

Aromatherapy makes it possible to heal or use therapeutic properties of aromatic plant extracts to improve our health.

Proof of the therapeutic use, extraction and distillation of plants were found in the oldest and most brilliant civilizations such as – among others – Ancient China, the Egypt of the Pharaohs, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire!

Aromatherapy is regarded as an alternative medicine, one that has been brought back into the limelight for several years now, just like phytotherapy, naturopathy, homeopathy…


Deepen your knowledge of essential oils!


In order to develop yourself and improve your living conditions, it is crucial that you train yourself so that you may detect smells, know perfumes and possess knowledge as far as aromatherapy is concerned.

If you delve into the subtle world of perfumes and smells, I recommend that you look for information about essential oils because they play a crucial role in many therapeutic methods, currents of personal development and optimization of brain capacity.

This varied exploration into the world of scents and perfumes will not only enable you to lead a better life but it might also contribute to triggering the extra-sensory abilities we all possess!

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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