Douglas Harding or The Headless Way

TA_Vignette_2_sept_2017.jpgDouglas Harding (1909 – 2007) was first an architect before he gave up on his passion and dedicated himself to spirituality and embarked on a quest to discover his own self – his deep identity. The goal was to help human beings progress on the path to knowledge. He made astonishing discoveries about human nature.


Who am I?


First, Douglas Harding asked himself this famous question “who am I?” which goes through most people’s mind. But, unfortunately, few find the answer…

This question became so crucial in his life that he turned it into his main quest which led to an original theory about our deep nature.


Man: a mere element of the universe


Douglas Harding relied on science, spirituality and philosophy to find the answer to his existential question, “who am I?”
His research led him to the conclusion that Man is not an isolated individual but an element making up the universe in a hierarchy ranging from the infinitely small to the infinitely big.

The infinitely small is composed of interdependent elements such as molecules, which make up atoms, which in turn form cells, which in turn form humans.

Man himself is the first element of a greater whole: society, then the earth, the solar system and the universe.

As a result, Man must be wary of the consequences his thoughts, words and actions entail because they all have repercussions on other elements (from the infinitely small to the infinitely big).


Thinking the Headless Way


Once this hierarchy had been defined, he wondered who Man and what we call our self – or I – were exactly. This word (our I) refers to our conscience, that which enables us to make decisions or deal with external circumstances.

He managed to develop an astonishing method called The Headless Way. This does not mean we do not have a head but that we should not limit ourselves to the daily reflection generated by our brain.

We should not be content with thinking within limitations. We must see ourselves as “headless”, in other words, we should not focus on what we currently think but instead see ourselves as an immense reservoir of possibilities and not rely on our usual ideas to evolve.

Through a series of practical exercises based on observing what is happening in the present moment, the Here and Now, and without thinking about the past or the future, it is possible for us to become aware of our true nature and gain access to a very large number of possibilities.
See yourself as an immense and endless container


Stop thinking you are limited. Instead, see yourself as an unlimited being. “Thinking and living the headless way” means you should not rely on any preconceived idea and that you should really open yourself up to the huge opportunities the universe offers you.

You can gain access to them if you unburden yourself and open yourself up to enjoy the present moment without relying on your preconceived ideas, especially if they did not enable you to improve your personal situation.

If your life does not live up to your expectations, follow this philosophy and put the “Headless way” into practice, leaving your preconceived ideas behind. To that end: open yourself up to the universe and any new idea.

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