“Here you have an educated thetan, a thetan who knows enough to handle the problems of the MEST universe, knows enough about universes to handle his own and knows enough to protect and handle his own universe when he has one. And knows enough of the track and what happens in the MEST universe so that it can’t happen to him again. …

“A thetan has come down this track now for an awful long time and there’s an awful lot of information accumulated and collected. And what is it? It is not a study of the MEST universe. We are not here learning about the secret of the MEST universe. We’re learning about the basic laws of universes so that you can make one, so that you could have one, so that you could protect one. Sounds wild, doesn’t it?” 


“The second you get into energy with a game, you’re in trouble. All that’s wrong with any preclear—is he doing something by energy that he ought to be doing by postulate? You find that—he’s saying ‘muscle’ when he ought to be saying ‘see?’

“And by the way, you’ve seen preclears play games like this—one kind or another. They sit there and grit their teeth. … And one of the greatest surprises and reliefs they get is when, all of a sudden, they find out they don’t have to try that hard. They can just do it by a postulate.” 





“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the year.”
Spanish Proverb

Your action for today is to do something you have been procrastinating.

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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