A Vision for Nurturing

We envision a world where we have set, as our highest priority, the nurturing of everyone and everything we see; where we have become adept at knowing precisely what every plant, animal, person, or environment needs in order to grow, blossom, flourish and experience its life to the fullest – and, thus, to express itself in all its resplendent glory.

Likewise, we see a world where we have grown to the point where our perceptions and intuitions can easily hone in on what is needed by someone else in any given moment. We can tell precisely what they need in order to be as healthy as they can possibly be, as happy as they can possibly be, as exalted as they can possibly be.

Indeed, we have become connoisseurs of the wants and needs of others, and in doing so we have created a world that is in support of us, always and forevermore.











“The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority.”
American Geographer, Ralph Sockman

Your action for today is to listen without judgment to someone who has a different opinion from yours.

Have an extraordinary day!


About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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