A Vision for Movies and Entertainment

Today’s Vision was sent in by our good friend, Victoria Fatula, from the Seattle area. We are honored that she has shared this powerful Vision with us and we align with it completely! Thanks, Victoria! She writes:

I see a world where all movies, books, video games, plays and music are positive and uplifting. Where it would never occur to the creators of entertainment to create a story about violence and killing. Where they imagine only beautiful, magical, and uplifting stories and games. I see a world where no one would even want watch or read them even if they existed because they understand the power of attention and intention!
So be it!


“It’s actually a dirty trick to make a Theta Clear out of somebody without passing him the data that should go with it. He does not—he doesn’t automatically know. His knowingness is high, but that’s potentialknowingness. That’s only potential. And there’s actual data goes along with the subject of being a Theta Clear. He doesn’t know this instinctively. If he knew this instinctively, he would not be here in the MEST universe.”






“When someone does something good, applaud! You will make two people happy.”
Movie Producer, Samuel Goldwyn

Your action for today is to acknowledge someone for something they have done–listen for their response to your praise and see how you feel about it.


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