A Vision for Mistakes

Our Vision for today comes to you from Scott Wells and we heartily align with it. Thanks so much, Scott! He writes:

I’d like to share a Vision I came up with and I call it A Vision for Mistakes.

I envision a world where a mistake is viewed as simply an action taken by us that we, ourselves, realize wasn’t in our Highest Good, where all those affected, including ourselves, immediately forgive us as they (and we) know that either our intentions were pure and the action was simply made out of ignorance, or that we acted out of pain, which can only be healed through pure Love.

Furthermore, punishment and judgment (by society or by our own selves) have completely disappeared, because we are completely aware of the natural consequences of our actions, take responsibility for them, and then learn and heal from them so that they are not repeated.

Thank you!! Keep up the great work!
Scott Wells




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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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