“You have to talk in terms of postulates. You say, ‘Liberty will be at four o’clock.’ Of course, you get into trouble when you follow it up and there’s a fellow coming down the gangway at two minutes of four and you have him brought back and put in the brig and denied liberty or something like that. …

“Well, what’s the remedy for that? The remedy for that is to make everybody in the crew accept what you said. And is that remedy ‘use force’? No, it’s not. The remedy is to be up there to make a postulate so high above energy—because you get a postulate above energy. The more a postulate goes out of energy and space into a higher-level postulate, the more it pervades all space.

“You get the idea? So the body is best commanded or a ship is best commanded or anything else is best commanded, from an altitude which is timeless, spaceless, energyless.” 



“You wonder, ‘Well, how in the name of common sense can I tell anything about personal relations?’ And ‘I don’t understand men’ or ‘I don’t understand women’ or ‘There’s something going on.’ Preclears will be saying this to you. There is a piece of advice to give them on that that actually permits them to differentiate up to the time they get up to a level. …

“They take three categories.

“There are good people—which is to say, only people that are friendly to them, you know, interested in them, they’re interested in. That we’ll call good people, merely meaning they’re good for the preclear.

“And then there are the people who have a pitch, a colloquialism meaning they want to gain something by the association. … What is the main characteristic of this fellow with the pitch or this woman with the pitch? ‘Others don’t appreciate you but I do.’ That is the main approach. That always is the approach. And sympathize about your hard lot. That’s the guy with the pitch.

“And the third kind is guys who aren’t interested and women who aren’t interested. … That means they might be very interested in other people, they might be very interested in other things, but to you they’re just not interested. They don’t interest you; you don’t interest them.

“So they fall apart into these three categories. There’s only one of those categories that’s even vaguely workable and that’s the people who are good for the preclear. That is to say, a friendly basis, no pitch. They’re interested in what happens to the preclear.” 



“Hope for a miracle. But don’t depend on one.”
The Jewish Talmud

Your action for today is to do something proactive in an area where you have merely been hoping it would improve.


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