A Vision for the Healing of the Criminal Mind

Here is another interesting Vision from Carol Peacock and she calls it A Vision for the Healing of the Criminal Mind. As always, we thank you for your insight, Carol. Here is her Vision:

We envision a world without organized crime.  Now that those who have participated in this know that there is no need for greed because there is plenty of everything for everyone, there is no crime. They know now that we are all under the protection of Universal Love and that there is no need to form groups that demand payment for protection.  Because they have seen the error in their thinking they find themselves at peace with themselves and all other inhabitants of this Earth. . . .

They shed their weapons knowing that there will never, ever be another occasion to use them for any reason. They now use their immense supply of hoarded resources to provide sustenance for all of mankind. Each and every one of them now use their knowledge of power in positive ways, such as forming alliances of love and peace with all their previous enemies.  They give up their power to the Universe to provide for all creatures of the Earth because they know now that this was power that belonged to the Universe in the first place and they have no need for the expressions of the past.  Everyone of these past participants now know in their hearts that they are one with humanity and express their wholeness with love.  They honor the privacy of every individual , as well as, each other.  They know that they are forgiven the moment the negative and violent action stops so they live in the peace and tranquility that was always intended for them.

Their unions disband as does their awareness that there is no need to charge for protection from their employers, as all employers treat their employees as equals.  Corporations disband since there is no longer reason to form giant companies to keep the resources from the people.  Honesty prevails because they feel love in their hearts eliminating any reason for lies.or cheating.  There are no organized casinos that feed on the addictions of the people.  Those elaborate pieces of architecture become art galleries, learning institutions teaching Universal Law, performance venues, and homes for those who seek shelter.

And no longer do they create racial wars, ethnic division, or political unrest.  They are one with God and see the beauty and satisfaction of living a life of loving kindness. They now know that there is no “US” and “THEM” – that we are all One. The change that is now in order is for the highest good of humanity and all those who once participated in organized crime know that and release their desire for control.  We envision this process for the highest good of man and express that in our highest light.  And so it is.  


“You take a whole stack of these pieces of paper, you know, and you go bing, and you got an automobile. That’s a magic of some sort or another and it is so magicful that people become criminals and acquire the automobile without making the money go boomp. That’s what’s known as criminality.

“But on the upper band, the impossibly high band from our standpoint at this time, an individual theoretically could be sufficiently able not to make the money go boom, but to simply say, ‘Automobile—zing.’ And you’d have an automobile. See, that’s an impossible height.

“But by the introduction of a via called money into every transaction, then a group can monitor the individual of the group by giving him, on rations, just so much of this stuff which is convertible, whoomp, into automobiles and food.

“So, by introducing this via, you put in a barrier; a barrier to acquisition, a barrier to havingness. It’s not a bad barrier. Did you ever play an old game, years and years and years ago, called Monopoly? That’s a fantastic game. People sit up all night long, converting these little houses and little pieces of paper just as though that wasn’t what they were doing all day long, too. That wasn’t a game, that was a dramatization.”







“Shared joys make a friend, not shared sufferings.”
Philosopher, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Your action for today is to call a friend and share some good news.


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