A Vision for Flowing with Change

We see a world where we no longer react, but respond, to the changes in our lives; where our emotions are much more stable than they have been in the past; where we embrace all our emotions instead of avoiding them; where violence and aggression are no longer a part of our lives; and where we approach our changes gracefully by simply observing them – while, at the same time, we remain alert and doing whatever is necessary to insure the safety and sanctity of ourselves, our loved ones, and everyone around us.

Ultimately, we see all people coming to realize that every change we go through is an opportunity for us to withhold our knee-jerk reactions, look at things from a higher perspective, and raise our awareness to a plateau where we know that we are One with all and everything. The changes we have learned to flow with have taken us to a place within ourselves where we know that all is well, regardless of the circumstances around us.









About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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