A Vision for Drama

Today’s Vision is short and powerful. It comes in from Intenders Gabrielle Silva in Boulder, Colorado, who is the author of the Ragananda childrens materials. Thanks so much, Gabrielle! She says:

We see a world where people are no longer attracted to drama and violence, where humanity sees the delightful dynamic of creativity as the only exciting story, where we all support each other in creating a world of Oneness and Joy and get a real ‘charge’ out of seeing positive creativity blossoming everywhere!


“Pervasion is being there in present time. You want to know what the Encyclopaedia Britannica has to say about something or other, it isn’t necessary for you to remember having read the Encyclopaedia Britannica cover to cover in 1792. That isn’t necessary for you to remember.

“You just pervade the Encyclopaedia Britannica and you know. But what’s the use of pervading the Encyclopaedia Britannica? Why not pervade the actual subject which, let us say, is a steam plant? You know what a steam plant is like.

“You can actually cast your beingness to a sufficient distance—cast your beingness to a sufficient distance to pervade some subject. You get the idea?”


“Individuals have a tendency to pick a weight, one way or the other, at which they’re comfortable. The body likes to have spare energy to run on, likes to do various things and a guy will get an energy level he’s comfortable in. …

“I seriously doubt that anybody ever puts on any weight through eating. I think they put on weight through making a facsimile of the food which they are stuffing in their mouths and digesting the facsimile. And if they’re unwilling to make a facsimile of the food, they can’t eat. They can get no good out of food at all. This is also demonstrable in processing.”



“Of course you keep making the same mistakes; it is too hard to think of new ones every day.”
Relationship Therapist and Author, Dr. Jeffrey Low

Your action for today is to be patient with yourself when you make a mistake.

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