A Vision for Toothless Banks

The following Vision is offered by Bob Gambee. We thank you, Bob, for submitting your second Vision to the VAP!!

Dear Tony,
Here is my vision for today:

I envision that the banking system has lost its teeth. All threats, claims, false foreclosures, and un- affordable mortgages are rendered mute and dissolved.

I see a world where every worry, threat and infraction on the part of these structures against citizens are permanently removed. Everyone is now stepping out of this morphic field and waking up to the power of who they actually are.

I see a world where our homes that we love are free and clear, where homes taken from us through foreclosure are returned free and clear, where we can enjoy the freedom given to us in ways beyond our wildest expectation.


“If you attempted to Clear an individual and bring him up the Tone Scale without giving a thorough address to his education, you would have, even with the bulk of his engrams and secondaries gone, an individual who hung very low on the Tone Scale.

“It requires a very little bit of work to correct this and the work should not be neglected. Otherwise, your individual will continue to handle people and to act in his environment along the tone level where he was educated. It is highly doubtful that any preclear exists in the civilized world today who has been educated by a system above 2.0 on the Tone Scale.”


“Did you ever watch anybody get frantic because he’s lost a pencil or he’s lost his hat or he’s lost something or other? Well, why is he looking? Well, that’s the surest way in the world to keep one from pervading. …

“How would you stop people from pervading? You would simply stop them by making them locate. Make him think they had to see and find. That is a trick. It is a trick to see and find and it’s no trick at all to pervade.

“You come up Tone Scale a bit, try this trick. You suddenly realize you’ve lost something, you can’t remember where it is. Instead of going and looking for it, just sit right where you are and look in a 360-degree sphere until you encounter it. And then go pick it up. Very simple. You find you won’t trust yourself. Why won’t you trust yourself? Well, you’ll do it as well as you trust yourself.”












“What poison is to food, self-pity is to life.”
Sociologist, Oliver C. Wilson

Your action for today is to see if you have been feeling sorry for yourself. If you have, look for someone who is less fortunate than you and do something for them.


About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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