A Vision for an Expanded View

We see a world where we are getting out of our towns and cities, long enough for us to gaze out across the broad vistas in the distance, to spend time listening to the wind blow, to watch the sun rise or set, to touch our bare feet to the Earth, to stare out at the ocean’s vastness, or to contemplate the stars in the nighttime sky.

Now, for periods of time, we are abandoning the routines that have confined us, and are expanding the horizons of our lives. We are remembering what it is like on the open road, on the mountain tops, on the empty beaches, and we are rekindling the sweet feelings of freedom – the freedom to do as whatever we want in the moment, the freedom to do nothing if we choose it, the freedom to venture inward, undistracted, and to gaze across the holy vistas of our own hearts and minds.

For, as we allow Great Nature to open up and lay bare the immensity of Her landscape before us, we are, at the same time, given glimpses of the bigger picture inside of us. It is this expansion that leads us to God and reveals the most magnificent views within.







“It has been advanced that there are two kinds of individuals so far as persistence is concerned. The individual who has sufficient theta endowment … may (but not always) have a good persistence level even when the factors and conditions in his environment are such that they continually hammer him away from his given course of action.

“The other type would be the person who is knocked by life from one course to another and who will persist on any given course only so long as no new factor introduces itself. This is characteristic of the potential psychotic.” 





“The effort to avoid stops, of course, eventually winds up in being stopped.

“Every time one admits that something can stop him, he admits that something is more powerful than he is. So saying, ‘That will stop me’ is a statement, a postulate, ‘I have less power.’

“So after we’ve made this statement eighty or ninety billion times, it’s no wonder that a thetan considers himself an energy converter rather than an energy creator.” 





“Let’s look over all problems and discover that a problem becomes a problem when communication breaks down somewhere. The birth of a problem would be the break of a comm line. Any time you cut a comm line, you get yourself a problem.”




“Wise men don’t need advice. Fools don’t take it.”
Benjamin Franklin

Your action for today is to take the advice you are offering others and use it for yourself.





“It never occurs to me that there are things I can’t do.”
Actress, Whoopi Goldberg

Your action for today is to attempt to do something regardless of whether you think you can do it or not.


About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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