A Vision for Lasting Peace

Hello Vision People,
My name is Stephen Adams aka “Doc” and I have a vision to share with you all.  Mine goes as follows:

I have a vision and see a world in which we are no longer required to hate, hurt, slander or kill one another in the name of our own personal gods or ideologies. I see a world in which all hatred, unkindness and ill will have all fallen by the way side and has been replaced by lasting peace and mutual trust. There is no need to despise, dislike nor belittle anyone because some may be different. We all live in peace. No more anti anything, no more being against anyone for any reason just because we could. All this has been replaced with cooperation like the world has never witnessed before. We all live for the greater and highest good for all.
I thank you all very much.

Thanks, Doc!




“If you saw a great many pieces of paper whirling about a room, they would look confused until you picked out one piece of paper to be the piece of paper by which everything else was in motion. In other words, a confusing motion can be understood by conceiving one thing to be motionless.

“In a stream of traffic, all would be confusion unless you were to conceive one car to be motionless in relation to the other cars and so to see others in relation to the one.”









“One is alive to the degree that individuals have granted him beingness, and that he has granted others beingness. He is alive as a group to that degree. But he is really as alive as he himself is perfectly willing to grant beingness, can grant beingness and is willing to have others grant beingness. …

“The main beingness that bites him is that which he granted, but that’s no reason not to grant beingness. So? That merely makes it so that one has a lot of drama. There’s no drama like the drama you get into having granted beingness to something which then bites back.

“One cannot become able in life by fearing to live it. Never. And he can’t be himself without being willing to grant beingness, because he’s the only one that can grant beingness to himself.”




“You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything!”
Country Western Artist, Aaron Tippin

Your action for today is to reflect on one of your core values and reaffirm why it matters so much to you.


About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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