A Vision for Accepting Our Differences

Here is a touching and timely Vision that came in from Kerianne Spellman. We can’t thank you enough for this one, Kerianne. It is beautiful.

Kerianne says: “First and foremost, thank you for your amazing work. You are making a difference.

I am an actress and acting teacher of children and teens. I love my students and they teach me every day. A vision I would really like to see is …

I envision a world where people accept the differences of one another. I envision a world where parents embrace their children, regardless if they are gay or straight….

I envision a world where its okay to say “Mom, Dad, I think I am different. But I am proud of who I am, and I hope you will be, too.”

I envision a world where people can admit who they are, and not be attacked or disrespected. I envision a world where young gay men and women are safe…and not only safe, but celebrated!

I know this is for the highest good. So be it!!! And so it is.”


“America had a message. And you go up today to the Capitol and you’ll find that message written all over the statuary. You’ll find it written all over the paintings. And that was that the common man had worth and that the people of the world had a right to free determinism, that Man had a higher destiny than that of a slave and it was time he broke his chains. …

“The great message of the world of the last two hundred years emanated from this country. And it’s still emanating from this country. And this country ought to back it up, not by overthrowing the governments of Earth, not by conquest, but simply by a matter of setting an example of responsibility for its citizens and for its affairs abroad to such a degree that it demonstrates that democracy works and works far, far better than any other type of political activity.”








“The difference between an obstacle and an opportunity is our attitude towards it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.”
Writer, J .Sidlo Baxter

Your action for today is to face one of the challenges you are having with a different attitude.


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