A Vision for Jealousy

Here is an insightful Vision sent to us from Bob Danger in the UK. We intend that you get as much out of it as we did. Thanks so much, Bob!

I see a world where people are no longer jealous of one another; where all fashions are just for fun – and clothes, cars, homes and indeed all possessions are freely shared; where no one person is having more or less than another; and competition has become outdated so that global well-being becomes everyone’s main objective.

I see a world where physical beauty is no longer skin deep and, even though youth is eternally acknowledged for its natural freshness and vigor, mature people are recognized for their spirit and deeper understanding of the world so they can comfortably age gracefully, contributing thus to a wonderful world.

I see a world where all envy for the success others have gained has ceased to exist, and instead people freely share and teach their special abilities to others so that all humanity has the chance to follow its true life path. The natural order of things insures that all sectors have enough specialists.

I see a world where all hype and frivolous spending for useless fashion fads are no more, and instead people can dedicate their time and energy to getting on with each other and pursuing their individual spiritual growth in peace and freedom.


















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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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