A Vision for Laughter

Today we offer you another Vision from Shanon Moret. It just doesn’t get better than this! Thanks very much, Shanon!

We envision a world in which laughter is the song of every day. That people are filling themselves with the wonderful healing sound of their own laughter and the laughter of others because humor in all its forms is highly valued. We envision an awakening, an understanding of the need to release our tension, furrowed brows and tight shoulders. Easy, breezy laughs, chuckles and guffaws are the antidote to stress, an answer to anxiousness. As the seriousness of the moment melts away, we are understanding that when we let go of our own seriousness and laugh at ourselves, correspondingly, we stop taking other people so seriously and give them a chance to heal.

People are waking up to the phrase “Laughter is medicine.” They are feeling the intrinsic trueness of this as they laugh away their pains, sickness, hurts and fears. From every corner of the world, people are bringing in the new times on Earth with laughter, happiness, camaraderie and the clapping of hands (and maybe a heel-clicking or two)!

Ultimately our greatest joy is when we are seeing God as the truly humorous guy that He is! We are realizing that we are created in God’s image so if we can laugh until tears flow from our eyes, then certainly God can too. We envision a real and lasting friendship with God and the Universe, one in which we muse at the ironic and paradoxical nature of all things. We have let go of the need to figure it all out, to control, to think. Instead we are flowing naturally and abundantly through our lives, letting our minds go to grasp our heart’s desire.


“You can use very light energy to accomplish enormous things. It’s only with a very heavy energy that you can’t accomplish a doggone thing.

“Just try and accomplish anything by telling somebody what to do, forcefully. You do that often enough and customarily enough and you eventually won’t get anything done. Be a much happier thing to be at the stage of the Tone Scale where you simply knew they would do it.

“Did you ever go around and say to somebody, ‘Well, we know that you’ll do that’ and so on and just leave them stuck with that? You’ve actually laid a postulate on top of them.”









“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”
Authors, Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

Your action for today is to ask your spouse or boss what is one thing they think you could do better.


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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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