“Many a preclear comes to you simply to be reassured. Actually, if you pat him on the back and said, ‘You’re not nuts. I see a lot of people much crazier than you are,’ shook them by the hand, told them to stop by the desk on their way out, they’d gladly put a lot of money there. See? They’re looking for reassurance.

“Now, as you as an auditor run a gradient scale, you gradiently build a preclear up into greater and greater assurance and he needs less and less reassurance until his certainty is something he does not need validated by agreement.

“And what are we working him out of? We’re working him out of being reassured by something which agrees with him only when he agrees with it. See that? So we get somebody waiting around, waiting around, waiting around to be told they’re right. They’re right all the time—there’s only one person that’s right, that’s themselves. But they have gotten on to this basis of reassurance, which means effect.”


“You could say, ‘Buick cars are mounted on a something or other and Jaguars have so much pounds per horsepower… and they drive at such and such a speed and they do this and they do that and so on.’ And you could have this nice little dissertation on print.

“Nobody would give a damn whether they owned one or not. But if you put a picture of one, that’s an aesthetic. And the higher you go and the tinier you get on the wavelength, the less oppositeness of reaction you get. So aesthetics show a tendency to come out in the pure rather than in the negative and they have much less negative response contact than the positive. So if you do something very aesthetically, you’re more liable to get some sort of an agreement on the thing.”









“The greatest part of our happiness depends on our dispositions, not our circumstances.”
Former First Lady, Martha Washington

Your action for today is to be thankful for three things you have in your life.


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